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See Your True Amazon Profits

See Your True Amazon Profits

Instantly, in real-time, see how much profit you’re making on Amazon.

Get More Reviews and Seller Feedback

Get More Reviews and Seller Feedback

Automate customer Review Request messages on Amazon with SellerMail.

Access Your Full Customer Database

Access Your Full Customer Database

See a complete list of all your Amazon customers, including repeat buyers, anytime you want.

Easy Accounting and Financial Analysis

Easy Accounting and Financial Analysis

Every Amazon FBA business needs easy, transparent financial insight.

Our Amazon Integrated Tools Suite Works For You

Multiple tools, working together, in one place. From the beginning ManageByStats has been developed around the concept of placing multiple high quality resources together for managing your Amazon business in one platform.

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  • Evaluate

    Evaluate Our fully automated real-time evaluation tools show your profits, factoring in fees, shipping, PPC, promos, tax, and cost of goods.

  • Zero In

    Zero In Easily see which brands or products need attention, how they are ranking and how their advertising campaigns are performing.

  • Execute

    With highly secure and immediate connections to your Seller Central account, you can make changes from ManageByStats which take effect instantly in Seller Central.

  • Automate

    Automate Automate your Review Request emails and feedback requests; automatically update your customer lists, and more.

  • Monitor

    Monitor Use graphs for Key Performance Indicators, track sales trends, place date markers for significant changes for split testing, and see how your competitors are ranking.

Our Amazon Seller Tools

A software suite for Amazon sellers, built by real Amazon sellers.

Our Amazon Seller Tools

A software suite for Amazon sellers, built by real Amazon sellers.

Seller Tools

Profit Dashboard:

Want to know your profit today, yesterday, or this month? How about your conversion rate for your top products and daily traffic for each listing? See that and more on your MBS Profit Dashboard.

Financials Breakdown:

Access accurately reconciled financial breakdowns, including sales, refunds, promos, advertising costs and all Amazon fees… See the real picture of your Amazon finances for any date range.

Graph Trends View:

See graphs to visually spot trends in your Amazon business so you can act to increase sales and profits.

Product Grouping & Management:

Intelligently organize your products within each brand using our exclusive Product Line Feature.

Customer Database:

See your total Customer Count, Repeat Buyer percent, Geo-Analytics, Order History, and download reports in multiple formats, including Repeat Buyers by Brand, product groups or ASIN(s). See customers order history, transaction details, if they left reviews or not, sort by top sales Countries or States, create lists based on product purchases, spend amount, refunds and more.

Transactions Database:

Quickly view and sort transactions by date, product, buyer, type (Order, Refund, Fee, etc.) and generate reports in spreadsheet format.

Feedback & Review Request Automation:

See Feedback and Reviews for all your products, link directly to each Feedback in Seller Central, use Feedback/Reviews in customer filters and automate Amazon’s Review Request, or create your own custom follow-up emails.

Inventory Management:

Keep your inventory in stock, just-in-time. We’ve built a custom inventory forecasting algorithm so you never run out of stock again – better inventory oversight, restock alerts and more.

Review Request Automation

SellerMail: Our advanced email auto-responder and Review Request automation, named one of the best Amazon seller tools available.

Automate Amazon’s Review Request with a single click, or set up custom customer outreach emails. Get more Reviews and Seller feedback. Select from multiple key criteria for targeting. In just a few minutes create a custom series of follow-up emails that will save you hours a day, grow your sales and make your business far more efficient.

Advertising Manager

Achieve full awareness of your PPC spend in every Amazon seller marketplace.

Make more sales and profit on your Amazon Sponsored Ads with features not available in Seller Central. Set targets, pause and boost campaigns automatically, see bid history and more. Run – and boom – all your PPC campaigns using the Advertising Manager from ManageByStats.

Launch & Rank

Find A Winning Product With Retriever:

Our Retriever extension is your direct connection between your inspiration and finding a winning product when browsing Amazon. With a single click, our extension provides sales details in real-time for your Amazon search.

Reverse ASIN Lookup with Keyword Scout:

Want to know what keywords your competitors are ranking for on Amazon? Discover the keywords that are being used for any ASIN and how they’re ranking …

Find Money Keywords with Distiller:

Fast and easy. Narrow huge lists of prime keywords into exact, targeted results. Do search and replace and prep your ultimate traffic-generating keyword list …

Optimize Your Listing with Wordsmith:

Ensure your Amazon product listing includes the most important, highest ranking keywords, create and save variations, A/B testing, upload to Amazon and more …

Industries Best Keyword Tracker:

An advanced Amazon keyword tool to see rank history/trend, Best Seller Rank, reviews, stars, with a layout that gives you instant clarity. Track competitors, see search rank volume and more.

Product Finder

Zero-in on what to sell on Amazon or find your next hot product.

Ready to launch your next hot product? Or, want to launch an entirely new brand in a new category? Our Product Finder tool has over one million Amazon products in a live database, updated every day, making it incredibly easy to sort, categorize, and drill in on product opportunities using key criteria.

Seller Tools

The industry’s most comprehensive suite of tools: Profit Dashboard, Statistics, Graphs, Customers, Transactions, Feedback, Reviews, Inventory

Amazon Seller Tools

We call it Seller Tools, because every aspect of this program is designed to help Amazon sellers.  This is ManageByStats, the core suite – the product around which our other, specialized services are built. Seller Tools incorporate a multitude of features and tools to manage your Amazon business, and that list is constantly evolving:


Active Users


In Customer Revenue


Products Monitored


Transactions Monitored

Let’s Work Together

Today, MBS is a powerful collection of integrated software tools to make managing and scaling your Amazon business incredibly easy and as automated as possible, for maximum profits, enabling entrepreneurs to live the lifestyle they want.

Trusted by the World’s Top Amazon business advisors

Make More Profit On Amazon,


ManageByStats is fully secure and cloud-based – access your account from anywhere, anytime. Elite plan starts with a free 14-day trial.


Plans start from

  • Product Finder Tool
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool
  • Keyword Distiller Tool
  • Wordsmith Listing Optimizer
  • Keyword Tracking – 100 Keywords Free
  • Free Chrome Browser Extension


Plans start from

Most Popular


  • All Starter Tools, plus:
  • FREE 14-Day Trial
  • Profit Dashboard
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Review Request Automation Free
  • Customized Autoresponder – 1,000/mo Free
  • Keyword Tracking – 250 Keywords Free
  • Two Seller Accounts Free
  • Connect Multiple Seller Accounts
  • Connect Multiple Countries
  • Product Finder Desktop Tool
  • Keyword Scout (Competitor Analysis)
  • Listing Optimization Tools
  • Financial Breakdowns
  • Profit & Loss Analysis
  • Graph Trend Views
  • Free Chrome Extension
  • and More…

See Additional Included Features

  • Custom Audience Generator
  • Repeat Buyers
  • Customer Geo Analytics
  • Feedback Collection & Monitoring
  • Review Collection & Monitoring
  • Full Statistical Financial Breakdown
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Grouping & Tagging
  • University Training Videos
  • Affiliate System


Advanced Features

Custom Plans
  • All Elite Tools
  • Up To 19 Seller Accounts Connected
  • Dedicated Server
  • Advanced PPC Solutions Expert
  • Listing Analysis

The Team

My team and I have created what we believe to be the absolute best set of software tools out there for managing your Amazon business.
We’re here for your success.
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