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Keyword Tracker:

Amazon Keyword Tracking Software

Amazon customers find you by using keywords to search the site. An effective Amazon keyword tracker gives you the edge in this critical competition for buyer attention.

Where do you rank for the most important keywords for your product?
Visualize keyword ranking with comprehensive graphs. Being able to see your rank and spot trends helps you manage more effectively. Add notes, mark changes, and gain critical oversight of your keywords.
Master keywords for any product. Use split testing, sort, and review results.
Find the keywords you rank for organically, and then target those to supercharge your bids’ effectiveness.
Daily updates to the number of reviews and star ratings give you a quick analysis of your sales volume changes.
See where your competitors rank.
Ranking for the top keywords in your category can make all the difference.

Knowing Your Amazon Keywords

As complicated as it sometimes seems, it is vital to know your Amazon keywords and their performance. People find your product on Amazon by searching for keywords.

Unless the buyer knows to look for your brand specifically, you're going to be competing for their attention with other sellers who have a product like yours. The customer searches "shoes," and everyone selling shoes comes up.

Who wins that free-for-all? The seller who ranks the highest for the search term "shoes".

This is where the game begins, and this is where the importance of a useful Amazon keyword tracking software becomes paramount. It is worth mentioning that, if you still need to perform your research, you can use our Amazon keyword research tool to do so.

The Ultimate Amazon Keyword Tracker

Our Amazon Keyword Tracker helps you rise to the top. How? With even one product, you're likely managing dozens, if not hundreds of keywords, and that can get overwhelming fast. How do you discover how each keyword is doing?

Let’s say you have taken the time to prune your keywords with our Amazon keyword refinement tool. If you have already done that, how do you keep your keyword selections current? You would have to check the rankings for hundreds of keywords every day. And how do you view, compare and make sense of the results? What if you want to do more than just know the rank?

ManageByStats can help.

Our Amazon keyword tracking tool brings extreme clarity to the keywords scene, allowing you to easily view and manage the rankings of all your keywords, for all your products, and giving you tools for so much more.
Get real-time updates to your keyword rank.
Download a CSV file for thorough analytics.
Make notes; record changes and see those changes on your keyword graphs to review their effect.
See Parent and/or Child ASIN associations and results.
Customize display options; color-code your page rankings, define multiple markets, use custom sorts and more.
It's just the thing you need to rise above the competition and get the sale. Of course, once you have acquired and analyzed your keywords, you can view them all in your product listings at a glance with our Amazon listing optimization tool.

Dominate Amazon Keyword Research

Effective Amazon keyword research is indeed the "key" to dominating in the Amazon marketplace. Competence in this area can make the difference between no sales, mediocre sales, and running the show.

Know your keyword ranking with our Amazon keyword rank tracker. Only hard data can help you to dominate the Amazon keyword game.

How To Visualize Your Keyword Performance

Knowing how you're ranking for keywords is vital to understanding your product and tailoring your marketing.

When a keyword is added to MBS, it's indexed and displayed with its rank each day. Over time, you'll build a record of each keyword's performance.

Click any project to see a Summary grid for all keywords for that ASIN project (as seen here in the Dark Theme):
MBS keywords screenshot
1. Click a Project/ASIN.
2. See all the Keywords for that Project/ASIN.
3. See the Summary grid with rows and dates for each Keyword.

The numbers in each cell show the rank for that keyword for that specific day.

To the left of each row is a small graph image, giving a quick-look representation of that keyword trend.

Note: If a field shows "NO," that means either we were not able to get data for that keyword, or it ranked beyond the 300-threshold. If the field is blank, it means that keyword is new and has not yet been indexed.

You can also click a keyword for a more detailed evaluation of that Keyword (as seen here in the Light Theme):
MBS product dashboard screenshot
The detail view shows an expanded graph for that keyword and other info.

Choose various Zoom options, and hover your mouse over the graph for Notes and Rank for that date:
MBS product dashboard screenshot

Try Out Our Amazon Keyword Tracking Tool

We want you to give our Amazon keyword tracking tool a test run! You can start a free trial right now to see everything our Amazon keyword tracker has to offer. Don’t forget that ManageByStats also features an Amazon seller Chrome extension to show you sales data for product prospects at a glance.