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That's right. With ManageByStats you have access to this one-of-a-kind tool.

Did you know you can reach your customers with important information through Amazon's own messaging system? This can be tedious if you're trying to reach many customers with the same message.

Amazon allows you to use their messaging system to email your customers, using their email address, and they actually permit a relatively high daily volume.

The Amazon allowed daily message volume is:

600 + (5 x Avg Daily Orders)

In other words, Amazon gives all sellers 600 messages a day to start, then adds to that a varying count based on average daily orders.

For example, if you average 100 orders a day, Amazon multiples that by 5, allowing you to send 500 messages a day to your customers, plus the 600 they allow to start, or, in that case, 1,100 messages sent through their messaging system each day.

This would seem to open the door to better communication, right? Only, how do you take advantage of such high allowed daily message volumes?

Enter SellerBlast.

Knowing Your Amazon Keywords

ManageByStats created SellerBlast to capitalize on this daily allowed messaging in order to do Amazon Email Marketing.

No one else is offering this solution; an email campaign platform that allows you to create and send bulk messages to your Amazon customers using their Amazon email address.

What's more, MBS makes use of the wealth of customer and transaction info on record in your account in order to allow you to create very customized lists of customers.

Want to send only to your customers who spent a certain amount? No problem. Want to reach out with a coupon to customers who bought a particular product or products? SellerBlast is here. Doing a new product launch? This is your tool. Need to get out an important message to your repeat customers?

To all we say: SellerBlast.

In short, SellerBlast blasts open the communication lines with your customers, letting you reach them reliably through Amazon's channels with your message.

Additionally, there is a tiered pricing plan that can be used for a new product launch and additional forms of outreach to your customers.

Expand Your Reach With This Amazing Amazon Email Service

With an Amazon Email Service you have one more tool to expand your reach. The game, as always, becomes squeezing the most from everything Amazon offers -- and finding ways to go beyond those things Amazon doesn't provide.

Customer messaging is one of those areas where Amazon provides great, basic tools, and opens it up for Sellers to make use of it the best way they can. ManageByStats is on Amazon's Developer Council, and as a third-party developer we're in the business of spotting opportunities like this and providing products to fill needs.

SellerBlast is in ManageByStats, it's free to use with your subscription, and it's just one more way to turbocharge your Amazon resources and expand your reach.

Knowing Your Amazon Keywords

SellerBlast sends Amazon mail in most every Amazon marketplace, including:
US / CA / MX
UK / FR / DE / IT / ES
SellerBlast works in each of those markets, allowing you to craft email campaigns to reach your customers wherever they are in the world. No matter which marketplace they purchased through, MBS will have their entire order history and customer info, which can then be used to create your email campaign.

Give SellerBlast a look today.

How To Add Value To The Customer Experience

Your customers are your goldmine, and the more value you can add to their experience the happier they'll be -- and the more likely they are to recommend you to others, and to buy from you again.

One great way to do this is with a periodic, simple campaign to give them a little extra value, no strings attached. A recipe book, some helpful bit of info, perhaps even a video on your Amazon account -- anything that the customer would appreciate, without asking for anything in return.

SellerBlast gives you a way to do this with your Amazon customers, staying within their guidelines for email volume and terms of service.
It's easy to do, using the info available in ManageByStats to build lists of just the right customers for just the right message.

There's a free version of the SellerBlast tool in your MBS ... as well as a paid version with additional options and features!

SellerBlast Free is included in MBS along with many other tools. Start your free trial today to see everything ManageByStats has to offer.