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Profits Dashboard: Amazon Seller Analytics Software


Amazon Seller Central is notoriously complex. ManageByStats’ Profit Dashboard tool is the part of our Amazon seller analytics software that makes it easy to get quick, at-a-glance info on the vital metrics you need to run your Amazon business.

Want to know your sales and profit today, yesterday, or this month? How about your conversion rate for your top products and daily traffic for each listing? See that and more with your own custom Dashboard that you can set up in minutes with ManageByStats. And don’t forget about other, similar tools, such as the Amazon product analytics tool , which provides you with data on how your products are performing with users.

The Gateway to Your Amazon Tools

Create Dashboards for an individual product listing or groups of products, for brands, for companies you manage, for specific metrics. With MBS’s highly customizable interface, you can design the perfect Dashboards to meet your exact requirements.

On each Dashboard, you can add info boxes, what we call Dashlets, for:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Sales Statistics
Amazon Payouts
Restock Alerts (Inventory Management)
Email Graphs & Stats
Specify date ranges, arrange Dashlets by multiple criteria, and match them with other Dashlets for the same last period and the same period last year in order to do quick comparisons and more. Together with other tools, such as our Amazon FBA calculator , you will have all you need to do well as an Amazon seller.

Amazon Seller Analytics Software That Makes It Easy

We designed ManageByStats’ Amazon product sales analytics software to make the oversight and management of your Amazon business easy. Use Amazon FBA statistics to see key data that tells you the health of your business, quickly and easily. Then, arrange it so it makes the most sense for you, and get the insight you need with quick, informative analytics.

With the MBS Profit Dashboard tool, intelligent management of your business becomes a breeze.

How to Create Your Custom Experience With Dashlets

What's a Dashlet? “Dashlet” is our name for the little boxes of info you place on the Dashboard. Some might call it a widget. A Dashlet is a kind of mini-Dashboard, and there are multiple types available, each fully customizable.
ManageByStats products dashboard screenshot
Between the ability to create multiple Dashboards, each with your own customized Dashlet selections, you can configure your ManageByStats to present you with all the at-a-glance info you need to run your business. You can find FBA customer data to know your customers and their previous activity with you, which will help with customer service and possible future actions they might take with you.
MBS AD Dashlet screenshot
Our Amazon product sales analytics tools are built with the individual in mind. The Profit Dashboard and every tool we offer is user friendly and ready to start serving you with analytics and all the other information you need to succeed on Amazon Seller Central.

Custom Dashlets are one of many tools for Amazon sellers included in MBS. Start your free trial today to see everything ManageByStats has to offer.