Profits Dashboard:

Amazon Seller Analytics Software

See Your True Amazon Seller Central Profits

Amazon Seller Central is notoriously complex. ManageByStats’ Profit Dashboard tool is the part of our Amazon seller analytics software that makes it easy to get quick, at-a-glance info on the vital metrics you need to run your Amazon business.

Want to know your sales and profit today, yesterday, or this month? How about your conversion rate for your top products and daily traffic for each listing? See that and more with your own custom Dashboard that you can set up in minutes with ManageByStats. And don’t forget about other, similar tools, such as the Amazon product analytics tool , which provides you with data on how your products are performing with users.

The Gateway To Your Amazon Tools

Create Dashboards for an individual product or a groups of products, or brands, or your entire account in seconds. With MBS’s highly customizable interface, you can design the perfect Dashboards to meet your exact requirements.

Create Custom Sales “Dashlets” To See Your Sales At A Glance

  • Gross Sales
  • Profits
  • ROI and Profit Margin
  • Orders and Units Sold
  • Promotions Redeemed
  • Refunds
  • All viewed by any date ranges you like
  • For a single Product, or a group of Products,
  • Or a Brand or your whole Account
  • Compare today with yesterday,
  • Or this month to last month,
  • This year to last year, etc.

Together with other tools, such as our Amazon FBA calculator , you will have all you need to do well as an Amazon seller.

The Four Metrics That Cover All Of Amazon – Your Key Performance Indicators

  • Sessions – are people seeing your product?
  • Conversions – are people buying your product?
  • Profit – are you making profit from your sales?
  • Reviews – are you getting good reviews from your sales?

These four metrics tell the complete story of your product, groups of products and your whole Amazon account.

You need to know what these metrics mean, and what to do if one of them is going down.

Metrics are great, but you need to see Trends

  • 22 Graphs to pick from
  • All Sales metrics put to trends
  • All Marketing metrics viewed in trends
  • Sizing customized to your liking
  • Colors customized to your desires
  • Viewed by Account, Brand or Product levels

Plan your marketing with Amazon’s Best Day of the Week and Best Hour of the Day

  • See Amazon’s Best Day of the Week
  • See Amazon’s Best Hour of the Day
  • View this for specific Date Range to check Seasonality
  • See Your Own Best Day of the Week
  • See your Own Best Hour of the Day
  • Know when to increase your Marketing Efforts