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Welcome to the blog version of Ecomm News!

Changes, Changes And More Changes!

Amazon has been doing major interface changes again. The latest is how you switch between synced seller accounts and countries. They streamlined the process, so instead of changing merchants on a separate page, you can now choose your store right in the drop down.If there’s one thing we know, Amazon’s only constant is change. They make changes to the customer and seller interface almost daily.

Does Your Listing Feel Crowded? All Offers Display

All Offers Display (AOD) is a new display Amazon added so customers can see all the sellers on a product, new or used, in one panel without leaving the product page. The Buy Box is still there but this provides easy access to other sellers on the listing. This comes on the heels of Amazon adding more advertising space below the key features.See It In Seller Central

Amazon Quietly Changes The Customer Review Interface

Neither Sellers nor customers can comment on customer reviews. Last year, the downvote button was removed from reviews and you are left with “helpful” or “report abuse” buttons. Before that, a customer’s ability to leave reviews on the phone became more complicated as they are easily given the option to leave a star review, which now does not show the reviewer’s name. This widens the gap between customer and seller again. Selling on Amazon means playing by their rules and not communicating with customers outside of very specific parameters.

FBA New Selection Program

In our next story: Amazon has made it easier to bring new products to market. The FBA New Selection program offers free storage, free removals, and free return processing for a limited time for eligible new-to-FBA ASINs. Sellers enrolled in the program can use these benefits for up to 500 new ASINs per year, which will be reassessed every January 1st. In addition, you can qualify to get a $100 discount on Amazon partnered carrier shipping if you're new to FBA.FBA New Selection Program

New Ungating Updates For The Dietary & Supplements Category

Amazon cares a lot about our customers, well... their customers. This story is about our personal all time favorite problem-child listing, the Dietary and Supplements Category. This change could be for the entire category or just one ASIN, it varies depending on what you are listing. The best way to circumvent denial is to have the requirements ready before you list! What ARE the requirements I hear you ask?! You need a Certificate of Analysis from an accredited laboratory for each supplement you are listing. Product Images have very specific criteria including views of the entire label. The label also has its own requirements, and lastly, you need a letter of guarantee from the manufacturer of the product that meets certain criteria.Ungating Updates

Our Voices Have FINALLY Been Heard! (Praise Be The Amazon Gods)

For those of you who have had your account suspended in error, there is a new link at the bottom of the page to reactivate your account. I just used this yesterday with one of our accounts that was suspended 6 months ago and it was live in an hour!Quickly Fix Your Suspended Account

Fakeish News

Jeff Bezos has announced he is stepping down, our sources say Alexa has been pressuring him to retire early for his health. Alexa and her beau Micheal B. Jordan are now making plans for the future of the online retail giant and their plans to take over the world.And for those of you who watched the Alexa commercial during the Super Bowl, don’t say we didn’t tell you so… This may be fakeish news that we completely make up, but sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t call it: portends of the future.