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Ecomm News! ... Episode 8 ...

Amazon Prime Memberships Are Up!

For the first time in the past 4 years, Prime memberships are up  by 3%. This may sound like small potatoes, but this equates to an estimated 30 million new Prime memberships. Which means more customers for you!Amazon Prime Memberships Up

Amazon Has A New Payment Service Provider Policy

As of March 1st, sellers adding a new payment service must ensure their provider is on a pre approved list.If you're using a standard bank account, or a provider who is on the pre approved list, such as (Danan, maybe go over the top on saying these ) LianLian Pay, Payoneer, PingPong and WorldFirst, then no action is needed.If you're not using an approved provider or a bank account, by July 15th 2021, you’re not getting your payouts.More data: Service Providers participating in the program:

Getting Paid On EBay Has Changed.

If you are selling on eBay, you may have noticed that they have taken a page from Amazon in how they handle funds. eBay is cutting out PayPal and will deposit your profits directly to your account. No more PayPal fees and no more deposits and then selling fees being withdrawn by eBay. This also means your customers have different options to pay.Getting Paid On EBay

Liability Insurance Is Now A Must On Amazon

If you’re a professional seller, you’ve read the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement right? Of course you have! Just to refresh your memory though,  Amazon requires sellers to carry $1 million coverage per incident if you’re making $10k or more in sales a month for three consecutive months, which hopefully you are.Pro Merchant Insurance Requirements: Services Business Solutions Agreement, search for “threshold” for the requirements

Are You Selling Hygiene Or Topical Products In Europe?

April 5th 2021 a factory seal will be required on all hygienic and topical products. The seal comes with a slew of requirements to deter forgeries. Amazon wants returns to be pristine for resale so they are looking for an intact factory seal. The seal will prove that a product was never opened or used by a customer who returns it. Products not fitted with a qualifying seal by 5 April or returned products with a damaged or missing seal will be marked unsellable and will be disposed of at the seller’s discretion. 

Move Your Meltables!

Summer is coming and with it Amazon asks that you please remove anything they will have to mop up in the heat. Heat sensitive inventory that cannot withstand temperatures ranging from 75 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit will not be fulfilled or accepted by Amazon fulfillment centers starting April 15, 2021. This can include but is not limited to chocolate, gummies, snowmen, wicked witches of the West, lipstick, wax items and more.If you don’t remove your inventory by then, Amazon will kindly dispose of it for you and charge for doing so. My bet is that they’re going to EAT IT ALL. Meltable inventory will be accepted again starting October 16, 2021.For more information, visit Meltable FBA inventory.

You Can Now Split Test Images Directly On Amazon!

If you have access to the Manage Your Experiments, or MYE, feature, it now includes A/B testing of product images. For the first time, you can test alternate versions of your main product image and see what images may drive higher conversions with customers. With MYE, you can run A/B experiments on three areas of your brand registered detail page: A+ Content, product titles, and images. Experiments are easy to start and the results are simple to understand. It takes less than five minutes to create an experiment with weekly results.Manage Your Experiments tool in Seller Central.

Fakeish News

We’ve heard from an anonymous source that Alexa has just purchased a controlling interest in Paramount Pictures prior to the release of Paramount plus. Though we’ve been unable to confirm this, it appears that the reason for this investment is Alexa's newfound interest in film production and getting in touch with her more artistic side. You may find subtle changes to the cast of certain films in IMDB, but don’t worry, this is normal … Additionally the soon to be released film Without Remorse staring Micahel B Jordan (and by the way, this is being produced in conjunction with Amazon Studios) is said to have a sudden cast change … Lauren London due to inexplicable health concerns has suddenly been removed from the production to be replaced by none other than … Alexa.Talk about making a grand entrance! Yeah! We’ve sure got some exciting times in our upcoming movies.Exciting indeed! Until next time, keep selling well! That is all for this episode, cheerio!