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MBSWorkhorse, that's how.  It's a new tool and it's already in your ManageByStats account, and it's free.What Workhorse does is pull Review and Feedback info from your Seller Central account and insert it into your ManageByStats account.  The tool is free, and is included with your MBS subscription.You can find it in two places: under Products | Reviews, or under Transactions | Feedback.  Go there, grab the right installer for your computer (Windows or Mac), download the program, click the Help link to get info on the setup and you're off.The MBSWorkhorse program updates info directly in your ManageByStats account, under those same areas:  Products | Reviews (for Reviews), or under Transactions | Feedback (for Feedback).  More updates to the tool are coming; you can imagine some of the things we'll be able to do with Review and Feedback data.  We've been talking about ways to incorporate things like Feedback into SellerMail, for example, report generation and other areas.  It all begins with MBSWorkhorse, so get yours today.  It's free, and with it you can get insight into your Reviews and Feedback, directly in your ManageByStats account, and be ready as new features that rely on that info begin rolling off the line.  You know how busy we've been.  There's more coming.As always thanks for reading!  Stay tuned here for more great stuff.