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There’s no question Facebook advertising continues to come on strong.  There’s also no question advertising on Facebook has been a struggle, and success has not always been the sure thing many expected it would be.  During its most meteoric growth years Facebook was looked to with great expectations as the shiny new solution to super-effective advertising.  After all, it’s the social platform of choice around the world, nearly everyone is on it – why would it not be a sure thing?The reality, as we’ve all experienced, is that mastering success on Facebook has been just as challenging as any other platform.  The good news is that even as we’ve all been trying, and many times failing, to get the expected results with Facebook, Facebook itself has been improving.  The social media giant has never been one to sit still, and their targeted advertising is now better than ever.  Audience building is much more precise, and results are now uniformly much closer to the nirvana we initially expected.Which means getting quality, pre-sorted lists of customers with which to seed your Facebook audiences is as important as ever.  To help with that ManageByStats has now added an option that allows you to create a list formatted specifically for Facebook with one click.  Used to be you’d need to download a CSV file and then carve it up so it would conform to Facebooks requirements.  Now we take care of that for you.In your ManageByStats, under Customers | Generate Report, you’ll now see a Report Type of “Facebook Customer List”.  Choosing that option will output the CSV file in the proper Facebook format.Note that we’ve written elsewhere in our blog about Facebook and building you have one of the new Facebook formatted lists, you’ll notice that the generated file includes a Real Email and a Phone column.  You don’t need real emails or phone numbers for the file to work, but having that info definitely increases your audience match results on Facebook.  If desired ManageByStats can get real emails and phone numbers for you using our Appends take a look at the new Facebook list creation option in your ManageByStats.  And if you’re not running Facebook ads, by all means get started!Here’s to your success.