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ManageByStats Adds New Amazon Inventory Management Feature

By 17/04/2015June 23rd, 2022ManageByStats Technical News

April 17 – 2015.

Clearwater-based announced today that the company has now added a long sought after feature to its Amazon Seller software – Amazon Inventory Management.

Amazon provides many tools on its very complex platform, but one area that many Amazon Sellers believe they do not provide great tools in is inventory management, or an easy way for sellers to manage their inventory in Amazon’s warehouses.

As Philip Jepsen, the CEO of ManageByStats puts it: “It was particularly frustrating for me to manage my inventory on Amazon, and I just had to come up with a solution. It was turning into a monumental task to track all my products, and I spent hours and hours on different spreadsheets. If you sell just one or two products, this might not be much of a task. But, if your business is expanding and you have more than a few different products, this can turn in to a huge, complicated task to manage. With this new tool in ManageByStats, this task has turned into something that’s really quick and easy for me to handle…”

The company says the functionality of the platform makes it easy to define the restock lead time for each product, and when users log in they are greeted with a Dashboard that shows restock alerts for any products at risk of running low in inventory based on its sales rate in the last month. This is something the company believes will give the seller a better tool to manage their reordering process with.

The company also says the software provides clear alerts and easy prediction that takes into account current inventory and current inbound shipments of added inventory, to assist the seller in seeing when a product needs to be re-ordered from the manufacturer.