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It seems every week we’ve been talking about something new.  That isn’t your imagination.  There have been a lot of new features and updates added to ManageByStats recently, and we’ve been working to make sure we keep you up to date.  The latest, and what we want to discuss today, is an update to Transactions.

Used to be we displayed Transaction info only in the MBS interface.  This is good and certainly gives you insight into your transactions, in ways you never had in Amazon — always a goal with ManageByStats — however we didn’t have a real way to generate an output file.  Many of you have requested we add such an ability.

Now we have.

You may have noticed under Transactions there’s now a submenu.  If you go to Transactions you’ll now see:

  • Transaction List
  • Generate Report
  • Download Report

With the Generate Report option you can generate a CSV file.  Under Generate Report you’ll see something similar to the Generate Report option under Customers, and with this you can generate a report of Transactions based on selected criteria, including choosing certain date ranges, specific products and Brands.  Having a CSV file makes it easy for you to manipulate and evaluate your transaction info, or combine it with other files, or share it with anyone, like a CPA or some other pro who might be helping.

To lay it out a little, each CSV file gives you a long list of info for each transaction, from Order ID, to quantity, date, the marketplace, how it was fulfilled, pricing, shipping, any giftwrap or promotion, all fees — even the Settlement ID from Amazon and any Notes you entered.  Basically, everything you can see in the interface when clicking on a transaction is available in the CSV output file.  We invite you to take a look.  Experiment with generating a few reports.  Also, review the Transaction List columns, as you’ll find a few new things there as well.

We’ll be back next week with more updates.  Yes, more is coming.  More tools for Amazon sellers like you.  We’re not sure how this happened but so much of what we’ve been working on is coming together all at once, and as a result there’s a steady stream of releases on the way — some quite significant — so stay tuned.

Thanks so much for being with us.  And as always:

To your success.