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Planet Hollywood.  That’s where we’ll be, this October, for the Retail Global event.  We’ve got a couple of banners you’ll find in this issue; not quite as well hidden as Easter Eggs, but see if you can find them.  (Hint: the first one is in MBS Out And About.)

Click the banner to sign up — and don’t forget to use the code STATS100 when buying your tickets.  That’s your special MBS discount.

This week we’ve got some ads tips in Sellers Paradise, info on some cool things you can do with your Dashboards under Tips & Tricks, a slideshow of great product ideas under The World Of Amazon, and the free Facebook training is still being offered for a limited time, so click that link and get signed up while it’s still available.

Oh, and have a great week!



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This October (9th thru the 11th) we’ll be in Las Vegas at the Retail Global event.  It’s taking place at the Planet Hollywood, and we’ll have a booth directly across from Amazon.  Woot woot! We’re hoping many of you can make it out to see us.

The announcement of our attendance made the news …

ManageByStats To Show Latest Product Updates At Upcoming Retail Global Event



Advertising on Amazon continues to surge.  ManageByStats has a great tool to help you manage your Amazon Sponsored Ads, with features not available in Seller Central.

If you haven’t tried it already, there’s a free trial available.  In your MBS look under the Advertising menu item for more info.

Meanwhile, here’s an article with some good advice on the subject of Amazon Ads.  You can never know too much about getting the most from your advertising dollar …

4 KPIs to Improve Results from Amazon Ads

(Note, the KPIs and other info mentioned are all available in the MBS Advertising tool.)



MBS has always been about providing you the tools you need to run your Amazon business.  Knowledge, knowing how to run your business, how to make it boom, may be one of the most important tools there is.  Training gives you that knowledge.

FREE Facebook Marketing Mini-Course

Get it while it’s hot!  The now-famous course created by the Facebook Ninja himself, Manuel Suarez.  Designed so that anyone, any brand, whether big or small, can learn the basics of the Facebook Marketing platform and take their business to the next level.  This is one training opportunity you don’t want to miss.

It’s free for a limited time.  Sign-up and get started today.

Get The Free Facebook Ninja Mini-Course



Did you know you can add multiple Dashboard tabs to your ManageByStats?  Tabs let you create entire, unique dashboards, which you can populate with specific dashlets, making it easy to quickly switch between multiple at-a-glance views.

If you need to switch between the same metrics for different products, or want to separate date ranges, types of dashlets or other info into discrete views, dashboard tabs are a great way to do it.

For example, here’s a Dashboard with a tab for Restocks and Orders/Units:

In this case the decision was made to create a tab labelled Orders/Units, and on that tab add things like Dashlets for:

  • A combo look at Sales for All Products for Today and Yesterday
  • A combo dashlet for Sales for the last 15 days and the Prior 15 days
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

A tab was then added for Restocks, to which was added a Restock Alert dashlet:

In this way the owner can quickly toggle between Sales info and Restock info, without cluttering a single dashboard.

There are many ways to use the dashboard tabs to organize your critical information.

For more on your Dashboard and all the ways it can be customized, use the Guide or Help options from the Dashboard menu to get walkthroughs, training videos, KB articles and more.



As Amazon sellers we’re always looking for new products.  The methods by which we find them are widely varied, but research and understanding of customer interests certainly plays a part.

Here’s a slideshow that takes a look at 41 of Amazon’s reigning best-sellers.  Our hope is that one or even a few of them will get the wheels turning for you as you look for your next successful product.

Enjoy the show!

41 Reigning Best-Sellers On Amazon That Have Earned Their 5-Star Ratings



Find us live and in person this October, at an event called Retail Global.  Retail Global takes place October 9th thru the 11th, in Las Vegas, and we’ll be there.

Here’s the official banner with more info:

Click the banner for the tickets page, then, on the ticket page, click the Enter Promotional Code link and use:


to get $100 off your ticket.  That’s our MBS code.

If you can make it we’d love to see you.



To see her husband’s reaction, a woman left a note on the bed:

“I’m leaving you.  I’m not coming back.”

Hidden under the bed the woman waited for her husband to arrive.  He walked into the room, she heard him pick up the note, pause, then write something on the paper.  He started singing a happy tune.

As he was leaving the room he called someone on his cell phone:

“I’m going now.  Yeah, she’s gone.  I’m on my way. I love you so much.”

The woman heard him get in the car outside and leave.

Furious, she crawled from under the bed and grabbed the note, reading what he wrote:

“I can see your feet.  I went for bread. Stop being ridiculous and go get ready for dinner.”





“It’s the job that’s never started that takes longest to finish.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien


All the best,

Your ManageByStats Team

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