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One short week ago, last Thursday, last newsletter, right here where you’re reading this right now, the doors were opening on the incredible ASMX Amazon training opportunity.

Now they’re closing.

The sign-up period for ASMX is nearly over. Tomorrow, Friday the 19th, is it.

And it’s getting interesting.

As if the decision-making pressure weren’t enough already, with the clock ticking and time running out, there’s been an 11th-hour addition that sweetens the pot.

That’s right. Now it will be even harder to pass this up.

A deal beyond anything you might’ve imagined is now part of the mix. It’s called the ASMX Triple Stack Bonus, and it brings the risk for getting in on this incredible opportunity to, literally, zero.

No joke.

If you’ve not yet made the leap, see more under Learn Know Do.

As for other news this week, we’ve got some great stuff. Pre-set Views are available in your Advertising tool. See the press release under MBS In The News. Also, we’ve got How-To coverage of the Views under Tips & Tricks.

Under Sellers Paradise learn 6 surefire ways to get sales traction on Amazon. And in The World Of Amazon we’ve got the latest info on Amazon ads. Advertising on Amazon is and will continue to be a hot topic.

Have a great weekend and a great week!


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Pre-set Views are available in the Advertising tool in your ManageByStats. These pre-set views let you quickly see things like Biggest Loss and Largest Gain in your Amazon advertising …

ManageByStats’ Amazon Advertising Tool Includes Pre-Set Views



Just like the internet, Amazon is crowded, with over three billion products on the site worldwide. On average, 1.3 million products are added to the site each day.

So what strategies can you implement to find success on Amazon?

Check out this article from Forbes for helpful insight …

6 Surefire Ways To Gain Sales Traction On Amazon FBA



Two. More. Days.

Doors are open only 2 more days to sign-up for ASMX.

Friday, October 19th at 11:59 PM PT is the cutoff.

Don’t miss this.

Whether …

  • your Amazon business is humming along,
  • you have no Amazon business,
  • you tried selling on Amazon and gave it up,
  • your Amazon business is struggling, but the heart is still beating,
  • you have an Amazon business but never really got it going,

this opportunity is for you.

ASMX is here.

This is the tenth edition of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASMX), a course that is consistently updated to provide current Amazon selling strategies. This edition of the course provides a step-by-step guide for how to start and scale a physical products business, or how to revive or boom an existing business, all by leveraging Amazon’s marketplace.

Not only that, there’s a guarantee. And a way to get it for free.

The ASMX Triple Stack Bonus guarantees this opportunity with:

  • A 6-Month Buy Back Promise, plus up to $5,000 unsold inventory buyback.
  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Calls.
  • A $500 Inventory Reimbursement.

ASM will refund you your investment in their Amazing Selling Machine X program, plus they’ll buy-back your unsold inventory for up to $5,000 if you follow the ASMX training program, launch your product, build your brand, and meet the Terms & Requirements within six (6) months and still decide this program is not for you.

Slight risk just became zero risk.

Check out what ASMX can do for you.

Cutoff is Friday, the 19th, at midnight Pacific.



Did you know we’ve created pre-set views for you in the Advertising tool?

In the Advertising tool, under any section, when you click the View button you’ll see the pre-defined views, including any you’ve saved:

Each section, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords has predefined Views that were created based on the most common information referenced for those sections.

You can also select columns of information you’d like to see, date ranges and so on, and choose Save Current to create your own, custom Views.



Not Breaking News: Amazon has made more strides in the advertising space.

Per CNBC, industry sources say some advertisers are moving more than half (between 50-60%) of the budget they normally spend advertising with Google search to Amazon ads instead.

It’s not just 1 or 2 companies: The moves, so far, have amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, according to execs at multiple agencies …

Advertisers are ditching Google and putting their search budgets into Amazon


Extra Mustard

We’ve covered these strides in Amazon advertising in previous articles. It’s no surprise Amazon is continuing to pour on the heat, and no surprise advertisers are responding.

In order to compete you, as an Amazon seller, will need to be on top of your paid campaigns more than ever. Amazon Sponsored Ads are only going to get more competitive. On the positive side of that, they’re also going to get more lucrative.

He who wins the bids wins the sales.

ManageByStats offers a few ways to help. For knowing how to win the bids, we offer a course in our MBS University. Did you know we have a University? We’re still building the full course structure, but we’ve kicked it off with a great PPC course you can take right now.

Amazon Sponsored Ads: from Basic to Pro

Our founder, Philip Jepsen, has put together a complete, comprehensive, end-to-end (Basic to Pro) video series showing you, in detail, how to become an expert on Sponsored Ads. It’s 23 videos covering the entire subject, delivered by Philip himself, a proven seller with millions of dollars in Amazon sales. Part of his success has come from his expertise with Sponsored Ads, and he shares that knowledge here in this special course.

Amazon Sponsored Ads: from Basic to Pro

Once you’ve become an expert on Amazon Sponsored Ads, what’s the best way to manage them?

Enter the MBS Advertising tool.

In your ManageByStats, under Advertising, you can trial the tool for free.  This comprehensive tool was designed to help you more effectively manage your Amazon Sponsored Ads, with additional options unavailable in Amazon Seller Central.

Between the training videos and the Ads tool, you can get started mastering your Amazon PPC today.



An interview with the late, great, Yogi Berra:

Interviewer: Can you explain jazz?

Yogi: I can’t, but I will. 90% of all jazz is half improvisation. The other half is the part people play while others are playing something they never played with anyone who played that part. So if you play the wrong part, it’s right. If you play the right part, it might be right if you play it wrong enough. But if you play it too right, it’s wrong.

Interviewer: I don’t understand.

Yogi: Anyone who understands jazz knows you can’t understand it. It’s too complicated. That’s what’s so simple about it.

Interviewer: Do you understand it?

Yogi: No. That’s why I can explain it. If I understood it, I wouldn’t know anything about it.

Interviewer: Are there any great jazz players alive today?

Yogi: No. All the great jazz players alive today are dead.

Interviewer: What is syncopation?

Yogi: That’s when the note that you should hear now happens either before or after you hear it. In jazz, you don’t hear notes when they happen because that would be some other type of music. Other types of music can be jazz, but only if they’re the same as something different from those other kinds.

Interviewer: Now I really don’t understand.

Yogi: I haven’t taught you enough for you to not understand jazz.



“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

– Mario Andretti

All the best,

Your ManageByStats Team

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