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Welcome, and thanks for reading. We’re seeing more of you tuning in to these weekly issues, which means we must (mostly) be getting them right. Our goal with ManageByStats This Week is to bring you a quick-look review of the latest in ManageByStats, Amazon, and eCommerce in general. All of which are areas of interest to you, our readers.

Thank you, for being here with us.

As you know we’re all about seeing to your success. We consider you part of a (large) extended family, and we work to see that you’re not only well equipped to boom your Amazon business, but well informed. To that end, in addition to news, updates, tips & tricks and all else, we make it a point to bring you the best learning opportunities when they arise.

This week one of those opportunities has come up. Something we ourselves have used to great success. Want to know how to put practically any product on Page 1 of Amazon? We’ve got a free webinar coming up that will tell you how.

Take a look at this week’s Opportunity section for more.

As for the rest of this issue, we’ve got 6 easy steps for simplifying your eCommerce site under Sellers’ Paradise, in Tips & Tricks we cover useful info for configuring the many graphing options available in your MBS, and in The World of Amazon we take a look at Amazon advertising, as well as ManageByStats’ own Advertising tool.

Here’s to a great week.



What’s the great opportunity?

Our good friends, Ben Cummings and Jason Fladlien (of Rapid Crush fame), are holding a webinar to reveal a breakthrough they’ve made in ranking on Page One with any Amazon product, and they’ll be showing the tool they use to do it.

Rank #1 On Amazon — Free Webinar

Want to know how to easily get your product into the “frequently bought together” section of the best sellers in your category? Want to use a powerful ranking URL that’s better than super URLs by a long stretch? Want to see Ben and Jason’s latest powerful Facebook innovation that helps your product rank 3X faster on Amazon?

These guys have absolutely mastered this field, and have created a software tool that’s simple and easy to use.

We here at ManageByStats have used this tool ourselves, to great success. We’re not simply suggesting something we’ve heard good things about; this is something we’ve seen in action, something we’ve experienced results with, and it’s something we’re excited to share with you.

Register for the Free Webinar

It’s happening Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern).

Space is limited. Discover why any Amazon seller who wants to go to the next level must use this in their business.

Reserve Your Spot Today



For those of you maintaining other channels, such as a branded site off Amazon, you’re always looking for the best practices when it comes to those channels. E-commerce is a complex endeavor requiring a lot of puzzle pieces falling into place. Small online business owners juggle dozens of tasks, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wind up with a site that’s cluttered and hard to navigate.

Fortunately, you can take six easy steps to simplify your e-commerce site and make it as functional as possible …

How To Simplify Your eCommerce Site In 6 Easy Steps



Did you know you can view combined graphs for multiple shops and marketplaces? If you manage more than one account in your ManageByStats, you can see how your whole business is doing at once.

In your MBS, under Graphs, click the Filter By button:

Then click the orange bar with the <- arrow, which will move the selection up one level to display combined graphs for all shops in your MBS.

Using the same Filter button you can select other shops and, once you’ve selected a shop, you can drill further down into things like Product Line and individual Products:

You can also choose Group By options and custom Intervals:

Make some of these selections in your ManageByStats and observe the results.

Graphs let you visualize performance across multiple metrics, from the individual product level all the way up to brands and your entire business.



Amazon is in the world of advertising to stay. There’s been no real question of this, all the signs have been there, but it’s worth repeating. Not long ago Amazon began dipping it’s toe in the waters of sponsored ads, and from that moment it was obvious they’d take the plunge. Everyone in the pool seemed to be having a whole lot of fun, and Amazon wanted in.

So far it’s been less of a plunge, more of a methodical wade, but perhaps that’s been more ominous. Liking what it saw, the retail behemoth walked out further and stood a while, testing the water, checking the depth, and now it’s pretty clear the new kid at the pool will soon be taking a swim.

The other big boys already in the deep end have certainly taken note. Amazon will be crowding their space, whether they like it or not.

As an Amazon seller you’ve probably found yourself coming more and more to rely on Amazon sponsored ads for your marketing. Amazon, in turn, is refining their service, making things better and, in general, making these ads lucrative for both you and them.

No cannonball is likely coming, but Amazon has their goggles on and is taking this very seriously. In fact, we’d be willing to bet it won’t be long before they’re the kid making the biggest waves.

Here’s an article on their latest offering, dynamic bidding, taking a page from the Google Ads interface …

Amazon Enables Dynamic Bidding

Your team at ManageByStats, doing what we do best, have developed an Advertising tool that connects to your Amazon Campaign Manager and helps you take things to the next level.

It’s a better, more intuitive advertising interface than what Amazon offers, plus it boasts additional features, such as:

  • Saved Filters – create custom analytics and save the views.
  • Bid History – know the changes you made so you can see what works.
  • Scheduling – set-it-and-forget-it; tell the system when to run ads, raise and lower bids.
  • Date Comparisons – compare your ads across custom ranges to understand keyword performance.
  • Target ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) – set the target ACoS you’d like to achieve and let the system do the rest.
  • Auto Bid Adjustment – when activated the AI in Ads Manager adjusts bids each day to make your targets.

If you’re not yet using the Advertising tool, it’s in your MBS now.  Click Advertising in your MBS and get started with your free trial of this vital tool today.



And now we present, some amazing(ly bad) dad jokes …


I’m like the fabric version of King Midas.

Everything I touch becomes felt.


I always used to get shocked when touching metal objects, but it recently stopped.

Needless to say, I’m ex-static.


Why did the coffee go to the police?

It got mugged.


What do prisoners use to call each other?

Cell phones.


What do you call an old person with really good hearing?

Deaf defying.


When’s the best time to go to the dentist?

Tooth hurt-y.



“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

– Milton Berle


All the best,

Your ManageByStats Team


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