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Thanks for tuning in each week. Over a year ago we decided to begin consolidating news and updates in a single, weekly letter, the things we feel important to share, and you’re reading one of those issues now. To date it seems to be working well.

Rather than a bunch of randomly timed emails, we’ve worked to bring everything together in one, regularly scheduled place. Here we can deliver tips on using your ManageByStats, let you know of new releases, keep you informed of where we’ll be and how to find us, share opportunities for training and more.

And, of course, it’s a great place to include general eCom tips (since you’re all online sellers), as well as news about Amazon (also something we have in common). Wrapping it up each week we try to give you a little something to smile about.

So enjoy this week’s issue, and know that we consider this a joint venture. Your success is our success, and vice-versa.

Here’s to an amazing week.



With ManageByStats it’s easy to add users and grant them access to just about any specific function or part of the program you need.  Add partners, VAs, staff, consultants or anyone else who needs to be able to see some or all of your MBS.

We’ve expanded Permissions options to include all tools and features, as well as including an option to restrict access to specific accounts.

Add and edit users under Settings > Users:

When inviting a new users select from three basic roles:

  • Administrator
  • Viewer
  • User

Each role starts with certain permissions pre-selected, which you can then modify. You can change the selected Role later as well.

Once a user has been added, click the Edit button to edit the permissions:

There you can change Roles, add and remove Permissions and assign Brand access.

Take a look at the Users section in your ManageByStats, and start adding access to get the help you need.



Selling Physical Products is the best way to start a sustainable business. After all, humans have been selling physical products for thousands of years. And since we still live in a physical world, there is always a need to buy physical products.

Leveraging the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is one of the best ways to build a business. Most of you reading are already doing this. Some of you are already members of Amazing. Some of you may know someone who could benefit from a training program that covers all aspects of starting and growing an Amazon business.

Either way, whether for yourself or sharing with someone you know, the Amazing program is open for a limited time.

As you know, we’re committed to your success, and training is a big part of any formula for making it big. See if the Amazing program is right for you …

Amazing Selling Machine



Acknowledging it has too many counterfeit goods on its platform to deal with alone, Amazon is giving brands the ability to remove knockoffs themselves.

Amazon’s Project Zero, announced in a company blog post last Thursday, is a three-pronged approach to eliminate counterfeit items from the site …

Amazon Wants Sellers To Help Crack Down On Counterfeits



Prosper Show

It’s getting close. The Prosper Show is this month, certified nirvana for Amazon sellers, and it’s coming to Vegas the 17th thru the 19th.

MBS Discount Code: EXIV838375

Register For Prosper

We look forward to seeing you there.


IRCE Chicago

IRCE Chicago begins two days after SellerCon, so there’s time to do a little state-hopping and head there from Vegas after SellerCon ends.

Sign up for IRCE here:

IRCE 2019



SellerCon is the event you don’t want to miss, and it’s happening this June 21st thru the 23rd. Join thousands of Amazon sellers in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover what’s working now on Amazon, what’s changed, and how to build a thriving global brand.

ManageByStats will be in attendance, and we’ve got a very special deal we’re sharing with you here. For more on SellerCon — and to get this special offer — visit the SellerCon site:

SellerCon 2019




A frog goes to a fortune teller to find out if he will ever be lucky in love.

The fortune teller reads his palm and tells the frog, “I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like to hear first?”

The frog asks for the good news first.

The fortune teller says, “You are going to meet the most beautiful girl, who is going to be very interested in you and will want to know all about you. She’ll want you to open up for her and you will give her your heart.”

“That’s great!” says the frog. “But what’s the bad news?”

“Well, you’re going to meet her in Biology class.”



“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

– Helen Keller

To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team

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