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Last week was Prime Week, and from the looks of things everyone did quite well. In The World of Amazon we take a look at an interesting, possible future for the manufactured holiday.

In Seller Insight we take a look at a little, but effective, growth hack all sellers should be using but most aren’t.

And in Tips & New Stuff we showcase the second optimization tool in our Suite of Three.

Oh, and we made the Algopix list of top feedback tools for 2019. You’re already using us, so Yay you for choosing to use one of the top-rated tools in the industry.

MBS Named Top Amazon Feedback Tool

Here’s to a great week!



This week we take a look at the second tool, Distiller, in our new Suite of Three (Keyword Scout, Distiller and Wordsmith).

Find Distiller either under your Keywords menu, if you’re using the classic themed interface, or under the Catapult menu if you’re using the modern theme.

The Distiller tool allows you to narrow down a list of keywords so you only end up with an exact list of keywords that you’d want in your listing. You can either enter keywords and work with them in Distiller, or you could use Keyword Scout to  build your keyword list first, and send them to Distiller directly from Keyword Scout.

In the primary Distiller field you can:

  • Clear the list.
  • Save/Load the view, either saving this one or loading one previously saved.
  • See the history of Distiller actions.

Distiller will automatically detect keyword phrases, if desired:

And offers multiple filtering options to help you refine your list of target keywords:

Learn more about Distiller in the Knowledge Base:

How To Use Distiller

Distiller, along with Keyword Scout and Wordsmith made the news …

3 New Tools From ManageByStats



There’s a little growth hack that every ecommerce site should be using.

But you know what? No one is using it.

It’s not related to SEO, paid ads, or anything else you are used to reading about. The beautiful part about it is that no one is yet leveraging it, which means it works roughly 100% of the time …

One Simple Hack To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales



Prime Day was last week, and not only did it officially span two days this year (making “Prime Day” a misnomer for what was, in fact, “Prime Days”), but let’s be honest, it was really more like Prime Week.

As an Amazon seller, this is good news. However if you’re any other retailer what you should be trying to figure out is what Amazon’s next move may be.

Retailers, from eBay to Target, can copycat Prime Day all they want and until the cows come home, but none of the activity matters if they’re not prepared for the possible next iterations of Prime Day.

Two potential moves on the horizon are well within reason and could make big waves if Amazon ever decides to pull the trigger on either one …

Don’t Be Surprised If Amazon Prime Day Starts To Happen Every Month



Three guys were on a fishing trip. They agreed to draw straws to decide who would get cooking duty, and the loser would have to cook until one of the others complained about his cooking. No one wanted to be stuck with it.

Bob drew the short straw. The first night he fried up some trout they caught that day. It was pretty tasty, they all agreed.

The second night, Bob figured he could get out of cooking if he just burned the trout a little. He tried that. Burned it good.

But no one complained.

The third night, Bob figured he had a sure-fire plan. He found some moose turds in the woods and made them into burgers.

The others took one bite and exclaimed, “These tastes like moose turds!”  Then; “But they’re good!”



“Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will surely add life to your years.”

 – Anon


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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