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Last week …

New Training Video For MBS Amazon Listing Optimization Tool



Last week we reminded you of your Catapult tools, one of which is Wordsmith.

This week we’ll talk a little more about that particular, incredibly useful tool.

Wordsmith is one of the listing optimization tools in the Catapult suite.

Wordsmith exists to help you refine your listing to maximum effectiveness. It’s the final part of your listing optimization, where you compare the target keywords you found in Keyword Scout and Distiller to your existing listing and use them to make it better.

Here’s how.

In Wordsmith, for your list of keywords, you have a wealth of data. The columns for Keyword Statistics include important data for each keyword in the list:

  • Search Frequency Rank (SFR): Search frequency rank is the numeric rank of a specific search term’s popularity when compared to all other search terms during a given time period.
  • Title: How many times the keyword appears in your Title.
  • BP: How many times the keyword appears in your Bullet Points.
  • Desc: How many times the keyword appears in your Description.
  • ST: How many times the keyword appears in your Search Terms.
  • SM: How many times the keyword appears in the Subject Matter.
  • Total: Total number of times the keyword appears in your listing.

Using this info you can begin to refine your listing.

Tips on how to do so, as well as full instructions — and a complete, How-To video — are in your MBS Knowledge Base.

Learn How: Watch The Wordsmith Video



More Instagram insight this week, and a fantastic primer on chatbots.


How To Schedule Instagram Posts

Despite what you might have heard you can schedule Instagram posts in advance.

Many people use and view Instagram as an in-the-moment type of social channel. You snap a shot, maybe crop it or add some filters, and post it, right then and there.

Most businesses plan out a photoshoot or spend blocks of time taking product shots … but then they save them to a file on their laptops and post them manually.

But how efficient is that?

Schedule Instagram Posts: The Definitive Guide


Best Primer On Chatbots

Interested in how to build a chatbot? 

What is a chatbot?

We all have an image that pops up in our heads. Maybe it’s inspired by where we’ve seen (or think we’ve seen) them used in the past … or perhaps hearing the word conjures up random images of tiny robots we remember from a cell phone commercial or sci-fi special.

Whatever your knowledge level is, this post is designed to give you a streamlined crash course on all things chatbot. What they are, why businesses use them, how they work, etc.

Ready to see how to build one?

The Essential Guide To Building A Chatbot



Ever wonder where all the Sellers are?

Fifty percent of Amazon sellers reside in either California, New York, Florida, or Texas. California has more than 200,000 Amazon sellers, followed by New York and Florida with 100,000 each, and Texas with 75,000.

See that and lots more data on the state of the Amazon Nation — plus cool infographics — right here …

Where Are All The Amazon Sellers?



The leader of a vegetarian group wanted to try some pork, just to see what it tasted like. So, one day he told his members he was going on vacation. He packed to go out of town, and headed to the nearest restaurant.

After sitting down, he ordered a roasted pig, and impatiently waited for his delicacy. Just before it arrived, he heard someone call his name, and to his great chagrin he saw one of his fellow members walking towards him.

“Great!” he thought.

At that same moment, the waiter walked over, with a huge platter, holding a full, roasted pig with an apple in its mouth.

“Isn’t that something,” he said, thinking quickly. “All I do is order an apple, and look comes with it!”



“Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”

 – Dwayne Johnson


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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