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MBS This Week - Issue 2036


This Week’s Lineup
  • Review Requests Video
  • The China Connection
  • Amazon PR Jujitsu
  • Titan Webinar
  • MBS In The News
  • Humor & Quote
Hello & WelcomeThis issue we’re introducing a new segment. Or should we say, we’re bringing over a segment from our Monday Morning Bullpen and featuring it here. Each week The Roundup will let you know what's on the horizon, what cool things are coming, give you the inside scoop on training webinars, events, etc.Take 2 minutes each week with The Roundup to see if you need to make any plans.This week -- today, actually -- we’ve got our first round of The Roundup, and we’re kicking it off with a replay of an amazing webinar.Have a great week! 


Review Requests VideoUsed to be you could practically demand a 5-star review. Nowadays restrictions prevent most of the tactics once used by sellers to get this all-important customer feedback.Thankfully a new hope has come on the scene, from Amazon itself.Okay, relatively new. It's the Amazon Review Request feature, and in this video we discuss not only how it works, but how MBS makes it work better ...Amazon Review Requests - The 411 & How MBS Makes It Better 


The China ConnectionIn this post learn why Chinese sellers are dislodging their rivals and dominating Amazon. You’ll also learn exactly how they boost demand for their products, increase traffic and grow a following.Along with eight key tips for how you can do it too …Is It Time To Copy Chinese Sellers? Eight Tips For Amazon Sellers 


Amazon PR JujitsuA new bill (in California) would make Amazon responsible for its 3rd-party sellers, a much more expensive proposition than … doing nothing.As with Facebook and Google, regulators are increasingly scrutinizing Amazon for the (physical) content on its platform.In a 4D chess move, Amazon is backing the bill …Amazon Just Pulled Some PR Jujitsu (Again) 


Titan + MBS WebinarOur Masterclass with our friends from Titan Network was a huge success.We promised that showing up to this Masterclass would help you make more sales in less time using nothing but your own data.Which is exactly what we delivered.We broke down the overwhelming process of analyzing your data, and showed everyone the exact steps for using it to make decisions that lead to more sales and profits in your Amazon Business.When you hit the link below you’re going to get access to the replay ...Titan + MBS Webinar Replay 

MBS In The News

This week …New Knowledge Base Channel For ManageByStats Is Live 


A man just finishes his eye surgery and his surgeon leads him in his office to discuss the surgery.“So, would you like the good news or the bad news first?” the surgeon says.The man excitedly replies, “I’ll take the good news first!”The surgeon says, “Well, you’re about to get a new dog.” 


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