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MBS This Week - Issue 2050


“News for the informed Amazon Seller.”This Week’s Lineup
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  • We Can Manage Your PPC For You
  • A Look Back On 2020
  • Amazon Adds More States
  • The Billion Dollar Warm-Up
  • Humor & Quote
Hello & WelcomeThis week another “have you heard” moment. This time we’re asking, Have you heard of our PPC management service, PPC Logic?This is a complete ‘done for you’ PPC management service, offered by us, your friendly ManageByStats guys. Check out the Tips & New Stuff section for more.Also this week we take a look back on 2020 (yay!), and have a replay you just may want to get in on -- that one under The Roundup.Have a great week! 


SubscribeIf you haven’t already, subscribe to the MBS video channel. It features not only the news -- and our exciting podcast series -- but every other fun and informative video we put out. Subscribe, be notified, enjoy.Here’s the channel:MBS Video Channel 


We Can Manage Your PPC For YouThat’s right. Our PPC Logic service is the ultimate ‘stress-free’ ad service that will create and manage your Amazon ad campaigns to achieve higher organic rankings, greater sales, and an increased bottom line -- all while allowing you to focus on profitably running your business.Want to kick your PPC results into high gear?We use a combination of advanced AI-optimization technology coupled with a combined 30+ years of PPC advertising expertise to do the heavy lifting in running, operating and managing the complexities of your PPC advertising while you focus on building and operating your Amazon business.Learn More About PPC Logic 


A Look Back On 2020Listen in as our friend Ben Cummings takes a look back at 2020, which has certainly been an exciting, crazy, insane, and unusual year!Ben discusses the unexpected events that took place and how they affected us as Amazon sellers, and what we learned from living through 2020 as entrepreneurs …Looking Back At Ecommerce In 2020 


Amazon Adds More StatesSince their last Marketplace Tax Collection (MTC) update Amazon has expanded from 32 states and the District of Columbia to an additional 11 states and Puerto Rico …Marketplace Tax Collection Now Available In More LocationsManageByStats shows taxes when collected by Amazon, allowing you to see states where Amazon does not automatically collect taxes. 


The Billion Dollar Warm-UpHere’s an incredible webinar with our friends at Titan Network. Want to discover the exact strategies 7&8 Figure Amazon Sellers will be using to generate explosive growth in 2021?Catch the replay before they take it down …Titan Network - 2020 Was A Billion Dollar Warm-Up 


At the crime scene the local constables were stumped, so they called on the brilliant detective, Sherlock, for help.Arriving at the scene Sherlock noticed the rug askew, the victim on the ground, a terrible wound on his head. Next to him, lay a large picture.He also saw a bowl of almonds, a broken window and a tube of glue, all three hysterical.“The rug says the picture is the one,” stated Lestrad. “The picture says he didn’t do it, but we know he’s the culprit; the victim’s fingerprints are all all over it. Even so, the almonds, the window AND the glue, insist THEY did it!”“It’s elementary,” announced Sherlock. “The RUG did it!”“How so?”“The picture needed to be straightened, and as the victim adjusted it, the rug, in a fit of jealousy tripped him causing the heavy picture to hit him on the head, killing him.”“What about the others?” Lestrad asked.Sherlock continued, “The almonds are nuts, the window is cracked, and the glue is crazy. The rug, Sir, is lying. The picture was framed …” 


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