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MBS This Week - Issue 2109


“News for the informed Amazon Seller.”This Week’s Lineup
  • Tip Of The Month
  • Fake Reviews
  • Amazon Acquires Shopify Competitor
  • E-comm News!
  • Humor & Quote
Hello & WelcomeFor those of you following the antics of Jade and Danan as they deliver important news you need to know, Episode 7 of E-comm News is up and ready for your consumption.  Find that under Get Your Video On.Have a great week ahead! 


Tip Of The MonthThis one is worth repeating.  We laid it out in last week’s issue, and even wrote a blog.  It’s also featured in the latest episode of E-comm News.What can you do if your Amazon account is suspended?Most of you know Amazon made changes to their algorithms that shut down hundreds if not thousands of seller accounts. Most of those shutdowns appropriate, but not all.Amazon now gives you the option to choose that your account was shuttered in error.Read our blog article for step-by-step how to take advantage of this option …Quickly Fix Your Suspended Amazon Account 


Fake ReviewsAmazon Marketplace is facing an uphill struggle to stem the tide of fake reviews on its site as a new Which? investigation uncovers a thriving industry where potentially hundreds of thousands of misleading fake reviews, bought and sold for as little as £5 each, are making their way onto the platform …Fake Review Industry Exposed 


Amazon Acquires Shopify CompetitorAmazon has bought Selz, a company that makes tools to help businesses launch their own online stores.Amazon quietly acquired the e-commerce platform on Jan. 15, but it didn’t publicize the acquisition ...Amazon Acquires Shopify Competitor 


E-comm News!Jade and Danan are at it again! It's the Episode 7 premiere of E-commerce News by ManageByStats!They've got some great updates for you -- especially if you've had your Amazon account suspended, know someone who's had their account suspended, anticipate being suspended or have simply heard that yes, in fact, Amazon does occasionally suspend accounts.Watch this episode to learn how to quickly fix said suspensions.And, of course, more of the sordid tale of Alexa's crafty bid to rule the world ...Episode 7 -- E-Commerce NewsAnd if you haven’t already, as we say each week: Subscribe to the MBS video channel. It features not only the news -- and our exciting podcast series -- but every other fun and informative video we put out. Subscribe, be notified, enjoy.Here’s where to find us:MBS Video Channel 


Doctor: Relax, David. It’s just a small surgery, don’t panic.Me: But my name isn’t David.Doctor: I know. I’m David.__Genie: I shall grant you 3 wishes.Me: I wish for a world without lawyers.Genie: Done. You have no more wishes.Me: But you said 3!Genie: Sue me.__My wife asked me if I could clear the kitchen table.I had to get a running start but I made it! 


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