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MBS This Week - Issue 2111


“News for the informed Amazon Seller.”This Week’s Lineup
  • Etsy Gains Big
  • The Attempt To Make Amazon Cool
  • Real Talk!
  • MBS On The Web
  • Humor & Quote


Etsy Gains BigMany if not all of you have probably heard of the e-commerce platform, Etsy.Etsy, which operates an online marketplace known for handmade and personalized goods, has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic, as stuck-at-home shoppers turned to the company and other online retailers like Amazon and Walmart for both essential and non-essential items.The company has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic-fueled surge in online shopping, adding 61 million new and reactivated buyers to its platform in the fourth quarter …Etsy Stock Surges On Earnings Beat And Strong Guidance 


The Attempt To Make Amazon CoolA major part of design’s value proposition is the process. Designers identify problems to create solutions.Amazon, on the other hand, has often identified solutions before naming the problem. Sometimes that approach worked. But often, it didn’t. And it created an ecosystem with a surprising number of hidden costs. …Inside Jeff Bezos’s Failed Attempt To Make Amazon “Cool” 


Real Talk!Join Curtis and Danan, your ingenious hosts, as they bring you a live session with the popular, the powerful, the purposeful Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens, e-commerce experts and 9-figure sellers.They talk to them specifically about:
  • Amazon in 2021,
  • The working strategies for TODAY, and
  • What ingredients are missing in your business.
Don't miss it!Episode 14 - AMZ Seller Real TalkAnd if you haven’t already, as we say each week: Subscribe to the MBS video channel. It features not only the news -- and our exciting podcast series -- but every other fun and informative video we put out. Subscribe, be notified, enjoy.Here’s where to find us:MBS Video Channel 


This week …ManageByStats Adds More Modules To PPC Course 


A husband and wife had just finished eating pancakes.To the wife’s surprise, her husband walked back to the stove and started making more pancakes.Confused, his wife asked, “Honey, we just ate, why are you making pancakes?”“They’re for the dogs,” he replied.“Why are you making pancakes for the dogs?” she asked.He replied: “Because they don't know how.” 


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