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MBS This Week - Issue 2116


“News for the informed Amazon Seller.” This Week’s Lineup
  • Ask A Guru
  • Guru Answers
  • 6 Tips To Align Sales & Marketing
  • Jeff Drops Knowledge
  • New News!
  • Keywords Tracking Training
  • Humor & Quote
 Hello & WelcomeYou’ve been writing in to seek the answers of the Guru, our new weekly column, and we have answers.This week we’ll begin sharing those answers.  Check the Ask A Guru section for more -- and follow the link for the Guru himself.Here’s to an excellent week ahead! 


With this great new segment we hope to provide even more insight and help for the things you truly need and want to know.At Last! An Answer Column For Amazon Sellers!Submit your biggest questions right here:Ask The Guru A Question Guru AnswersQuestionWhat’s the easiest way to get ranked on page one for Amazon search? AnswerThe three things you need to be thinking about when it comes to ranking on page one for any given search term on Amazon are relevancy, conversion rate, and sales velocity. When you can get these three pillars of ranking right, your listings will naturally climb in rank over time. This produces more sales with widening profit margins because you’re not stuck wasting all of your profit on sponsored ads.Relevancy in this case is how well your listing is optimized for Amazon’s search for keywords that actually make sense for your product. The more specific your relevancy for a particular search term, the better. If you want to know exactly how we boost our relevancy, conversion rates, and sales velocity to increase our rankings then watch the full explanation here ...More From The Guru On Ranking QuestionOn average, what percentage should you spend on advertising? AnswerAdvertising should never be considered an “expense” and should always see a return on investment larger than your spend and should be profitable. On Amazon you can run ads at a smaller profit because they will also increase your ranking by increasing sales velocity. Any advertising that you pay for should be tracked and all sales should be allocated to a specific ad. Historically paid advertising has been a problem because only half of paid ads work profitably, but without tracking we never know which half is working.Look at paid ads as individual salesmen that must hold their own. A salesman who doesn’t sell, gets cut right? If you had an ad that makes a profitable return on your spend, you should max out the spend until you see diminishing returns.So … there is not a set percentage to spend on paid advertising. Test small, and expand the winners while quickly cutting out all unprofitable ads.One strategy is to accept smaller unprofitable ads in the beginning of a product launch to force Amazon organic ranking. Once you achieve some organic traffic, cut back the ads and only continue with profitable ones. Check out PPC Logic by ManageByStats for a done-for-you Amazon sponsored ads service.PPC Logic 


6 Tips To Align Sales & MarketingIn today’s world, customers have access to much more information and do a lot of research before making a purchase or contacting a sales representative. The buying journey is no longer what it used to be.How do companies evolve to provide an updated, seamless experience?Companies must align their marketing and sales teams to work toward a common goal and convey common messages. Learn here how you can align your sales and marketing teams (or efforts) …Six Tips For Aligning Your Sales And Marketing Teams 


Jeff Drops KnowledgeSince Amazon went public in 1997, Jeff Bezos has penned a much read annual letter to the company’s shareholders.With plans to hand over reins of the company to AWS head Andy Jassy later this year, Bezos dropped his final annual letter …Jeff Bezos Drops Knowledge On Us 


New News!The juice, as they say, is worth the squeeze.In this case, a brand new episode of Ecomm News from ManageByStats.Episode 9 of E-commerce News by ManageByStats, to be exact, and in this episode Jade and Danan once more unleash a whole lot of news you'll want to know ...Episode 9 of Ecommerce NewsAnd have we mentioned ...Yes, we think we have.For some of you this may be a tired refrain, but if you haven’t already, subscribe to the MBS video channel. It features not only the news -- and our exciting podcast series -- but every other fun and informative video we put out.Subscribe, be notified, enjoy.Here’s where to find us:MBS Video Channel Keywords Tracking TrainingAlso, last week we held the first of what will be a regular series of training webinars, put on by us, your ManageByStats team, covering topics that will help you more effectively run, and expand, your Amazon business.If you weren’t able to attend, or even if you were, here’s where you can watch the replay ...Tracking Keywords to Reach Your Ideal Audience 


Funny Signs By The Legendary Tex-Mex Restaurant, El ArroyoThese have become quite popular ...I never imagined I’d go up to the bank teller with a mask on and ask for money.Dear taco trucks, please consider cruising the neighborhood like the ice cream trucks.Did it bother anyone else that the guy from the Operation game was clearly awake?“You're on mute.”  Most used phrase of 2020.Doctor: You need to listen to your body more.Body: You’re old and you want queso.I used to be a crastinator, but then I decided to go pro. 


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