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MBS This Week - Issue 2122


“News for the informed Amazon Seller.”The Lineup
  • Ask The Guru!
  • PPC Course -- Still Free!
  • New Google Shopping Features
  • Amazon Opens Doors
  • Understanding Metrics
  • MBS Around The Web
  • Humor & Quote


We’ve been running this new segment now for a few weeks, and it’s been getting rave results. We’re happy to see you taking advantage of what the Guru has to offer! :-)We intend to keep running it, as a service to you.Submit your biggest questions right here:Ask The Guru A QuestionLast Week’s Q & AQuestionDo I have to have an LLC or trademark my business to start selling?AnswerNo.Although it would be good to keep everything separate from your personal business, it is not “required” to incorporate or register before selling.We try to coach folks to focus on the “impact actions” that make a difference in your business and the fundamentals that actually generate revenue.The actions you are referring to neither impact your business nor generate revenue. First prove your concept, your product, and your marketing can generate real sales and then if you decide to continue on this FBA journey, you should think about incorporating and trademarking your successful business.Good luck! 


PPC Course -- Still Free!We’re 100% confident in saying you fall into one of two main categories.
  1. You're signed up for the free online PPC course.
  2. You're not.
Either way, we've got great news for you.The latest module, Module 5, has been added and is now available. For those of you doing the course, this means you've got a whole new set of materials, continuing your education in Amazon PPC. You can log in per usual at the University page:ManageByStats UniversityIf you're not yet signed up, now's the perfect time. The PPC course is free, and will remain free if you get it now. Once the next module is released it will no longer be free.What's it cover?It's called "Amazon PPC: From Beginner To Pro" and it's a comprehensive, multi-module course covering all aspects of Amazon advertising. It starts by building a solid foundational knowledge of Amazon PPC, and proceeds to show you how to build successful campaigns, learning by example using extremely well tested strategies that produce results.Learn more and sign up at the University page:ManageByStats UniversityGet it while it's free! 


New Google Shopping FeaturesGoogle Shopping is used by more than 6,000 brands and merchants. But getting in front of shoppers via a Google search has always meant paying tens of thousands of dollars for a promoted spot or winning the SEO lottery that gets you to the top.But on Thursday, Google announced a slew of new features aimed at making Google Shopping easier for brands to use and break away from the crowd …Google Announces New Shopping Updates 


Amazon Opens DoorsAmazon has expanded the list of countries accepted to register for selling on Amazon to 188 countries.The company added 85 new countries, mainly in Central Asia, Middle East, South America, and Africa …Amazon Opens Doors To Sellers From Nearly 100 More Countries 


Understanding MetricsThe second of our weekly training videos is posted and ready for your eager perusal.Understanding Metrics Using ManageByStatsWatch as Curtis and Marc cover how to track your KPIs using the MBS Dashboard & Statistics, including a breakdown of the difference between your MBS dashboard statistic and your financial breakdowns inside of MBS.And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the MBS video channel to see all our great training videos. It features not only training videos, the news -- and our exciting podcast series -- but every other fun and informative video we put out.Subscribe, be notified, enjoy.Here’s where to find us:MBS Video Channel 


This week …ManageByStats Releases Amazon Bid Optimization Strategies 


I call my horse Mayo.And sometimes Mayo neighs.__I have the attention of a goldfish.Seriously, it's been watching me for hours.__Just had an officer at the door saying he was looking for a man with one eye.Told him to use both and he'd probably find him quicker.__I just got a job in a factory making plastic Draculas.There are only two of us on the production line, so I have to make every second Count. 


“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.” - Napoleon Hill To your success,Your ManageByStats Team Read Our Newsletters Online! Share Your Thoughts About ManageByStatsWe’ve made it easy to leave a review: Tell Us What You Think About MBSThanks for taking a moment to give us your feedback! And don't forget to share ManageByStats with your friends. Our affiliate program pays you an ongoing 25% referral commission.See the Affiliate menu under Settings in your ManageByStats.