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MBS This Week – Issue 2133

By 16/08/2021Uncategorized


“News for the informed Amazon Seller.”


The Lineup

  • Get Customer Reviews
  • 5 Hidden Trends
  • 3 Branding Strategies
  • The Aggregation Furor
  • Sellers Who Sold
  • Replay Thursday’s Training
  • MBS Around The Web
  • Humor & Quote


Hello & Welcome

Did you know you can fully automate Amazon’s Review Request feature in SellerMail. This feature has been available for some time, though you may not have been aware. Using this feature does not count against the email totals in your SellerMail plan.

Check out Tips & New Stuff below for more.

Another big item of note this week, Amazon will now begin enforcing liability insurance for sellers. This is because beginning September 1, 2021, for products sold through, Amazon will facilitate resolution of property damage and personal injury claims between the customer, the seller, and their insurance provider.

To learn more about this upcoming shift, and what it means for you as an Amazon seller, check out Amazon’s info page in Seller Central:

Amazon A-to-Z Claims Process For Property Damage And Personal Injury

And there’s more!

Yes indeed, as with every issue we bring you plenty of juicy tips and helpful links to information. This issue we’ve got trends, strategies, extra Amazon insight and more.

Read on!

And as always, have a great week ahead.



Get Customer Reviews

For those of you using our SellerMail tool for automated customer emails, the 

“Request a Review” emails do not count toward your overall Sent count.

That means “Request a Review” emails sent using SellerMail’s automated campaigns will not incur charges for any overage amount. What this means for you is that your automated review emails are free. And what that means is … what are you waiting for?

Let’s get those review requests rolling!

For those of you not using SellerMail, now’s the time to fire it up and get started collecting those Amazon reviews.

Learn About MBS SellerMail



5 Hidden Trends

Analyze the many thousands of data points in the 2020 Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 and you can find some insights that run counter to the common wisdom.

Here are five that stand out to the author of this year’s Top 1000 report …

5 Hidden Trends In North American Ecommerce


3 Branding Strategies

Branding strategies are talked about a lot.

But it takes more than catchy observations and “marketing one-liners” to build a real brand for real people with real results.

So, let’s get into something completely different …

3 Branding Strategies For Those Who Want To Come Out Of This Crazy Time Alive



The Aggregation Furor

We’ve begun touching on this topic and it’s a hot one. Amazon aggregators are in the midst of a buying frenzy. Some of the biggest Amazon aggregators have valuations in the billions of dollars.

In July, they were among the many companies in the space attending the Prosper Show (where we, ManageByStats, connected) …

Amazon Aggregators Raising Billions


Sellers Who Sold

More on the above, here are some stories of sellers that sold. The sheer scale of Amazon means that if they get the products and the marketing right, small sellers can find themselves selling huge amounts quite quickly …

The Amazon Sellers Who Sold Up And Became Millionaires



Replay Thursday’s Training

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), here’s the replay of Thursday’s Review Request event:

MBS Weekly Training- Review Requests and More

Enjoy fifty-one (51:01) info-packed minutes with Marc and Curtis, with a focus on Amazon’s Review Request feature and how you can use ManageByStats to automate your results.

Don’t miss it!



This week …

MBS Announces Amazon Review Request Feature Now Free



“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”

 – Anthony Volodkin


To your success!

Your ManageByStats Team


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