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Did you know you could find your payment history right in ManageByStats?  There’s a section in the program under Settings, called Payments — good name — and there you can see each of your active subscriptions, when each next payment will be due, what payments have been made and when, along with payment method used.  It’s great not only for your own reference, but it can be useful for your accountant, or if you need a breakdown of payments made.

Now that there are multiple services, including the main ManageByStats service, SellerMail, and others coming, having a centralized record of payments and subscriptions makes sense.  More services are on the way, more tools that will be built directly within ManageByStats, and this area is where you’ll find the breakdown of each.

To give you a little insight we have quite a bit on the horizon.  This is not an uncommon thing to hear from software companies, and it’s true that any good software company is always evolving.  New technologies, new markets, new needs.  You have to.  For us at ManageByStats, though, big things are in the works.  Nothing is official yet, but we’ve got so much planned we’ve been throwing around the idea of calling it ManageByStats 2.0.  The improvements and additions will warrant that, even if we ultimately don’t use the name.

As a ManageByStats user you’re part of group of Amazon sellers that are using some of the best tools on the market for managing and growing your Amazon business, and we’re about to start making it even better.  What’s more, we intend to implement big improvements without impacting the familiar.  That’s right.  Our intention is to do all this without introducing a whole new learning curve.  New stuff, yet still what you’re used to.

We feel pretty good about the possibilities.

Thanks again for listening.  Have a great rest of your day, and, as always:

To your success.