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Frequently asked questions

Have a question outside of Support hours? We got you covered. Here are some of the most common questions and their answers:

Why do you need Developer Access to my Amazon Account?

Why do you need User Permissions For My Amazon Seller Account?

How Secure is my Data?

Do you make any changes to my Amazon Seller Account?

How exactly are the Statistics on ManageByStats counted?

If I sell outside of the USA, can I still use ManageByStats?

What if I have multiple seller accounts?

Can I give access to one of my staff members?

How much does ManageByStats cost?

Can I cancel anytime?

How can I check out ManageByStats?

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We’ve got a full-featured program, and we’re routinely adding new solutions and making improvements, responding to feedback and helping Amazon sellers all over the world get the absolute most from their business.

MBS is a full-featured suite of software tools to grow your Amazon sales and profits. We’re regularly upgrading and adding new features, responding to feedback, and helping Amazon sellers around the world get the absolute most from their businesses.

In the five years since our inception ManageByStats has grown to thousands and thousands of users around the world and dozens of team members. We’re global. Our HQ is in sunny Florida, but we have offices on both coasts of the US and in Europe.

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