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Product Finder


Looking for top selling products on Amazon is likely one of your bigger challenges. Competition on Amazon is fierce, as you well know if you've been selling on Amazon any length of time. Finding great products to sell can take a huge amount of research. More than one might expect.

Fortunately for you, ManageByStats has figured out a way to make it much, much easier. Enter, the Finder tool.

With Finder you've got the all-in-one product research tool you need. Discover products from the marketplace and see the most accurate estimate of sales for each product so you know you're picking a product that will grow your business.

The Tool For Finding Products To Sell On Amazon

As an Amazon FBA Seller you're hustling each and every day, and one thing you need to do is find products to sell on Amazon. Let MBS help you find the best products for your Amazon business.

Ready to launch your next hot product under your brand? Or, want to launch an entirely new brand in a new category?

Our Product Finder tool features over one-and-a-quarter million Amazon products in a live database, updated every day. Search the full database of products instantly by:
Sales Price

"What Can I Sell On Amazon?"

Of the multitudes of product options, the most common refrain heard from Sellers is, "What can I sell on Amazon?" Of all the software you likely use to run your Amazon business, this simple yet effective tool for finding new products, Finder, is the perfect addition to round them out. Use Finder to:
Get inspiration for product ideas.
Search for products in specific BSR ranges.
Evaluate competitor ASINS.
Look for products that meet desired Review criteria, both number of reviews and average rating.
Find products that fall within a certain price range.
And more.

View results and select the columns you want to see, including the product image, product title, estimated units sold and estimated revenue. Links take you to the product page on Amazon for further research.

Finder arms you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next hot product.

Selling Products On Amazon

To the uninitiated, selling product on Amazon might seem easier than it is. After all, all you've got to do is dream up something to sell, right? The harder part, surely, is all the rest; finding a source, arranging shipping, warehousing, creating the listing, marketing and advertising and...

Yes, those other things are quite involved, and bring with them their own demands, their own need for specialized tools and so on. That's all part of running an Amazon business, and there's no doubt it takes a unique sort of grit to pull it off successfully.

But finding the right product, finding a good product, one that fits your brand (if you're private labeling), one that meets the Goldilocks criteria for competition -- not too much, not too little -- one that falls within the right range for weight (shipping fees and delivery times), cost, profit margin and all else that makes a hot product is every bit as challenging.

It's not just a matter of picking something out of thin air.

Finding a good product to sell, therefore, takes work. Finder is here to reduce that effort. Dramatically. Establish the criteria for your next product, enter that info into the Finder tool, and sit back and review the results.

Your next hot opportunity is waiting.

Finder is free in ManageByStats. Even if you're just on the Trial, you can access Finder's full set of features.

Give it a look today.

How To Find Products Using MBS Finder

Product Finder (Finder) is a product research tool that lets you search and filter products that are Best Sellers on Amazon.

The list is updated daily and contains data on more than 300,000 bestselling products on Amazon. Since BSRs (Best Seller Rankings) change many times daily on Amazon, you may see missing BSR numbers or occasionally two products with the same ranking, but other than these small variations the data is extremely accurate.

Search by multiple criteria, from ASIN to product size, category, reviews and more. Set ranges where you want to compete and get complete lists of products that could potentially be your next bestseller.

Finder is included with your MBS, along with all the tools and resources to sell that next great product once you've found it.

Start your free trial today to see everything ManageByStats has to offer.