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Historical Graphs View: Amazon FBA Statistics


Do you need an Amazon seller app that graphically shows you your Amazon FBA statistics and other key metrics in order to visualize how your business is doing?

ManageByStats offers Amazon seller analytics software so you can get quick glances at your business performance. But with the Historical Graphs view, you can see all your most important statistics by:
Individual Product
Custom Product Tags
Custom Product Lines
Seller Account

Make Historical Graphs Part of Your FBA Toolkit

Set custom ranges, from the lifetime of your selected grouping all the way through specific dates and any interval between.

Choose from 14 different sales graphs and half a dozen marketing graphs to visually display the most important measurements of your business’s Amazon statistics.

Just a few of the stats that can be graphed:
Net Revenue
Sales Revenue
Quantity Ordered
Quantity of Refunds
Conversion Rate
Amazon Payout
Ad Cost
CTR (Click Through Rate)
CPC (Cost Per Click)
and more.

It’s All about the Right Amazon Seller Tools

You can view selected data in a table, if desired. Export to a CSV file for further data analysis and reporting, arrange and set custom views in order to customize the presentation of your business statistics.

Being able to visualize the performance indicators of your company gives you quick and easy insight into its overall health. The graphing app is in ManageByStats and is included as part of the core suite of tools.


How to Visualize Business Growth with Graphs

Multiple graphs are available in ManageByStats, for Amazon FBA statistics, sales and marketing data, and more.
Quality paid for dashboard screenshot
As with Dashboards and other areas of the program, Graphs are fully customizable, and can be set for a variety of custom intervals.
ManageByStats dashboard screenshot
You can then look at individual products, at whole brands, product lines (an MBS-only custom grouping), and even by custom SKU tags.

Your Tool for Amazon FBA Statistics

See clearly how any aspect of your sales on Amazon are performing with MBS Graphs. Of course, you can always get more granular in these other areas of your Amazon business. The MBS Amazon product analytics tool shows you how your products are performing.

Meanwhile, our Amazon feedback management software helps you to organize your customers and their reviews so you can optimize your customer service responses. While it is vital to perfect your sales and profit tracking as an Amazon business, you cannot forget about following up with costumes post-transaction. New customers are important, but returning customers can go a long way for your business, as well.

Selling successfully on Amazon is a full-bodied process, starting with product analysis, progressing through graphs and transaction reports, and ending with follow-ups and customer service.

In this case, graphs, and the ability to visualize your company’s health, are just one of the features offered in ManageByStats’ comprehensive suite of Amazon seller tools.

Start your free trial today to see everything we have to offer in our package of software tools.