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Mobile App (Android & Apple)

You can get MBS Mobile for your mobile device, for either the Android or Apple OS.

MBS Mobile for Android

Get The MBS Mobile App

You can also search for ManageByStats while in the Google Play store.  It’s free, and once installed will allow you to connect to your MBS account.

MBS Mobile lets you manage your Amazon business while on the go.  When you first launch it you’ll see a “Login to MBS” screen.

Put in the email and password for your ManageByStats account.  Click the “CONNECT TO MBS” button and … you’re in.  You’ll see your Dashboard, and a dropdown at the top of the screen.  Use the dropdown to select which Dashboard to view.

The app will stay logged in if you don’t log out.  When you launch the app it will then open to the last view.

As with everything we’re always improving, and MBS Mobile will be no different.  More updates and functionality are coming, including an Apple version, which will make MBS Mobile available across all platforms.

MBS Mobile for Apple

NOTE: Use the Safari broswer for the following steps.

In the Safari broswer, go to the ManageByStats login page:

Login to MBS

Log into your MBS.

You'll see an icon for the phone app in the top left:

Follow the steps on the screen.

The first step is to ckick the "SHARE" button:

After that, click "Add to Home Screen":

Click to add it to the home screen:

You'll then see an app icon on your home screen, and the app will be ready to use:

Click the MBS app icon to launch the app.