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Activating SellerMail

The first step is to activate SellerMail.

You have two options, either to activate the Free plan, or to Subscribe for a volume plan.

When you first click SellerMail you'll see all the plan options, along with two ways to activate:

The free plan gives you up to 1,000 emails/month free, with an $8 per 1,000 emails overage fee.  In other words, with the Free plan the first 1,000 emails are free, and it’s then $8 for every 1,000 emails after that.

You can also elect to sign up for a Subscription plan, if you feel your volume will be higher.


Note: Using the Amazon Review Request feature in ManageByStats does not add to your total email count, and therefore is not counted toward your overage totals.


Clicking to Activate Free SellerMail Plan will bring up the various tiered pricing options, and you can select the best plan for you.

Note: You can change your plan option at any time as desired.

Once you activate SellerMail you see the full selection of menu items.

Here’s a quick definition of each menu item under SellerMail:

HUB: displays key metrics for your SellerMail.  This is your at-a-glance info center for SellerMail.

Email Rules:  these define the emails that will be sent to the customer.  Rules are distinct from Templates, in that Rules are the actual email that is used to send to customers, and Templates are templates that can be used to create Rules.  See the KB page, Templates.

Profiles:  This section is where you create and add your "send-from" profiles; where you can add your brand's logo and the sender name and email address that will be associated with your brand. Amazon cloaks all email addresses outgoing to your customers and incoming from your customers. Your email and their email will never be visible.

Templates:  a Template is a basic configuration that can be used to create email Messages.  Templates have most of the fields that you need for an email, and give you a way to populate repetitive info when creating Messages.

Scheduled:  Scheduled shows messages that have not yet been sent but that are scheduled to be sent.  Here you can see what’s waiting to go.

Sent:  Sent shows messages that have already been sent.

Statistics:  a count of messages sent.  This is for all of SellerMail.  To see Statistics for individual Messages click that message to edit and look at the bottom of the message.  You’ll see statistics for that message there.

Unsubscribed:  this section shows which customers have unsubscribed from receiving emails, and also allows you to unsubscribe customers.

Payments:  any payments specific to your SellerMail usage are listed here.


The BLAST menu items are for the email campaign tool.  Reach more about them there.