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Adding A Dashlet

What’s a Dashlet?  “Dashlet” is our name for the little boxes of info you place on the Dashboard.  Some might call it a widget.  A Dashlet is a kind of mini-Dashboard, and here’s what one looks like:

To add a Dashlet simply roll over any blank space on the Dashboard and you’ll get a “+”:

Click the plus to get a selection menu.  Note, if you hover over a Dashlet type before clicking to select, the right field will populate with info about that dashlet:

When you click to make a selection you get the selection criteria for that Dashlet type.

For example, say you choose to add a Sales Statistics Dashlet.  You'll then get further options for configuring that Dashlet:

Note: we’ll define and explain how to configure each Dashlet type in the next sections.  At this step we’re merely covering the mechanics of adding one.

You can click and drag the dashlet to position it on the Dashboard as desired.  Snap lines will also appear so you can “snap” the Dashlet into place.

Also, hover over the three vertical dots in the top right corner of any Dashlet for more options, such as Settings for that Dashlet, changing the color, etc:

Next we’ll show you how to add a Header to the Dashboard, then we’ll get into each of the various Dashlet types and how to configure.