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Change Log

ManageByStats offers a Change Log, which can be used to note changes you made to any aspect of your Amazon business, in order to see those changes in MBS when doing stats analysis.

It's on the main menu:

Clicking brings up the interface for the Change Log:

Here you can add and edit changes that occurred in your business, which are then flagged on graphs throughout ManageByStats.

1) Set the date of the change.  Today's date is the default.  Click the date cell to get a calendar and select a specific date.

2) Choose the Type to which the change applies.  This is the item affected by the change.  There are 5 selections:

All will show that change on all graphs.  The other selections will show changes on graphs related to those items.

3) Specify the Change.  This is free-form text, describing what changed.

4) Select whether to show changes on graphs.  When selected all changes will be shown on graphs as a line for the date of the change.

When the line is rolled over, the change note will show at the top of the graph:

In this way, when reviewing graphs you can see the changes that happened in your business and directly observe how those changes affected your statistics.