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Generate Report

The Generate Report section is where you're able to customize reports for analytics.

Create multiple report types:

Note, selecting certain lists adjusts the criteria you can select.

For example, selecting Transaction List reduces the number of criteria you can use to build your report.

Once you select the report type, the default option, if no other selections are made, will generate a report of your full list.

At the bottom of the selection filters are two buttons:

The Two Buttons

If you’re making selections to restrict or refine the customer criteria, use the “Generate CSV File Using Selected Filters” button.

That will generate a list of customer matching the selections you've made.

If you’re making no selections, click the “Ignore Selected Filters and Generate Full CSV File” button.

That will generate a full customer list of all customers.

The distinction between those two buttons is important.  Generating “FULL” ignores any of the any selections you might've made.

Once again:

Generate CSV File Using Selected Filters will generate a report using the criteria you've specified above.

Ignore Selected Filters and Generate Full CSV File will ignore any criteria specified and insteed generate a list of ALL transactions contats.

Clicking the (?) info icon will also give you this tip info.


Making Selections

You can select multiple SKUs, or an entire brand/shop, along with multiple other criteria:

Leaving the date range blank will generate a report with all customers meeting the specified criteria for the history of the account.


There are several status options you can select:

These statuses can be combined.  For example, you could generate a report of customers who have had no refund and are repeat buyers.

Report Type

This selection determines the format of the output file.

Test each to see what format will work best for your needs.  When you click to generate a report a file is created and placed under Download Report where it can be downloaded, viewed or deleted.  There you can also create a Zip (compressed) file.


Download Report

Here you can retrieve any reports you’ve run, download as various file types, etc.