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Finances is the first entry on the Profits menu:


The next pages will discuss the Finances.  See Additional Expenses for more on adding additional costs.


These stats can be sorted by:

They can be viewed by:

The Finances page is a Rows and Columns, hard-numbers page.  Visualization of many key stats can be seen in graphical form on the Graphs page.

To use the page:

  1. Choose how the results will be displayed (By …)
  2. Make a date range selection
  3. View the results

Note: If you select the option By Statement,

you get an additional set of information beneath the Total line:

That section shows additional info, if any, that affects the Statement period payout. This could include Reserve amounts, amounts held back by Amazon, and any loan payments you have with Amazon.

If there are no additional amounts, the section will display (when By Statement is selected), with values of 0.

On the Stats page you’ll find Instant-Help hover buttons, which are small question marks in boxes.  These are near specific areas and expand to show definitions:

If you click any of these you’ll get info related to that item.  The info in these flyout boxes can be helpful in understanding the Stats page.

Note that the data in ManageByStats is pulled directly from Amazon.

That said, the following is true:

Sorting “By Statement” will always exactly match the Payout Statement periods in Amazon, which often have a start and end time other than midnight.  Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Custom Dates start and end at midnight.

On the Finances page, all the data is financial.  This means that only settled (finalized, paid for) orders and transactions are counted.  This page does not include pending transactions – in the same way that Amazon Seller Central doesn’t include data from pending transactions on the Reports-Payments page.

For stats that include pending transactions, see the “Graphs” page and the live snapshot stats on the Dashboard.


You can filter by the selected option.  For example, if you have ASIN selected, you can filter by ASIN to show only those selected ASINs.

Next, we’ll divide the Stats page in half and look at each section.