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Products - Adding Brands thru SKUs


Note, if you'll be adding any products as described in this section, you'll need to have the feature "Edit Products" enabled.

When adding a product, if you do not see the "ADD" button, contact us at Support and we will enable that feature.


This overview section includes a discussion of several menu items (Brands, Product Lines, ASINs and SKUs).  These items are covered here in sequence in order to lay out the organization of your products in MBS.



If you don’t currently have a BRAND in ManageByStats that this product belongs to, you must add this first.

  1. Go to: PRODUCTS

  2. Click on BRANDS 

You see the following screen with an Add button:

Create your Brand by clicking “Add” then entering your Brand name:



This is not required, but if you want you can add a PRODUCT LINE. 

  1. Click on Products - > Product Lines

  2. Click on the “Add” button

  3. Add your PRODUCT LINE name

  4. Choose the BRAND NAME your product link is associated with

  5. ADD


(PRODUCT LINE is a Manage By Stats exclusive feature to help you search & categorize your products more easily.)


You may now add your ASINs

  1. Click on Products - > ASINS

  2. Click the “Add” button  to add your ASIN

  3. Choose your BRAND

  4. Choose your PRODUCT LINE (if any)

  5. Add the EAN (if applicable)

  6. Add the ASIN (IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure you match the listing you created on Amazon exactly.)

  7. Add the Parent ASIN (if applicable, usually the same number if you don't have parent/child relationships built in Amazon)

  8. Add the Product Name (this is the shortened version of your product title for use only in MBS)

  9. Add the Product Title ( usually your Amazon listing title )

  10. Click on CREATE



It’s now time to set your SKU

Having added your product, it’s time to set up your SKU. Ensure you use the same SKU as in Amazon Seller Central. There may be a limit to how many characters are allowed when setting up your SKU. If it cuts it off, that’s okay and nothing to worry about. Ensure you pick the new product that you set up in the prior step as the associated product with this SKU. 

  1. Click on Products -  > SKUs

  2. Click the “Add” button  to add your SKU.

  3. Add in your SKU number ( as on your Amazon listing )

  4. Choose from the “Product” drop down list the name of your product

  5. Add in your ASIN number ( the one you just added in the previous MBS section )

  6. Add in your product cost (COGs) and Inbound Shipping cost per unit . You can set that to 0 for now if unsure and edit it later.

  7. Click on the “Add” button once everything is filled in