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Logging In and 2FA

You can choose to stay logged in to the browser you’re in.  At the login screen you see this option:


Checking that box will keep you logged in for that session, until you log out.  In other words the login session will not timeout, but will last until you log out.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, gives you an additional layer of security, should you desire it.  2FA is optional with your MBS.

Note: to use 2FA you’ll need to have the Google Authenticator App on your phone.  You can find that in your app store.  The app is free.

Choose 2FA in MBS by hovering over and selecting it from your login pulldown:

If you want to enable 2FA, check the Enable box.

You get this screen:

Using your Google Authenticator app, enter the code given, or scan the QR code on screen, then enter the six-digit code given by the Google Authenticator app in section 2, Verify Settings.

Make sure you do this within the timeout period.  The timeout period should be 60 seconds.

Note: do not enter the spaces in the verification code.  It will be a six-digit number, something like “123 456”.  The system should allow you to enter the space, but the space is not required.

After that’s done, the next time you log into MBS, after you enter your username and password, you’ll see this screen:

You’ll get a verification code on your phone.  Enter the verification code.

If you select the “Don’t ask for codes on this browser”, you will not be challenged for the verification code again on that browser.

Note: Even if you select “Don’t ask for codes on this browser”, if you have your browser set to clear cache on exit (this is not the default, so you’ll know if you have this set), the record of your 2FA verification will not be retained, and you’ll need to provide the code on the next login.

Note Also:  If you travel outside the country where you set up the 2FA, you’ll need to provide a verification code on the next login.

Once you’ve selected “Don’t ask for codes on this browser”, you can later revoke it for that browser in your MBS, under Settings > Two Factor Authentication:

To disable 2FA altogether:

  1. Deselect “Enable Two Factor Authentication”

  2. Enter the verification code

  3. Save

After that 2FA will be disabled.