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To add or cancel any services at any time, check or uncheck boxes and make selections as needed from the dropdown options:

Once you’ve made your selections, click the Save Subscription Settings button at the bottom to confirm changes and/or update your payment method:

Note that the system will show you your updated total monthly payment (what you will pay each month), and what payment will need to be made now (if any).

Whether a payment is due now or not, you’ll need to click the Continue button to confirm any changes.  During the confirmation process you’ll confirm the payment method (payment method does not need to change) and the updates will be applied.


Changing A Payment Method

To change your payment method or add another, you will also click the “Continue To Payment Method Confirmation” button.  You’ll then see an option to Choose another way to pay.

Click that and you can make changes to your current method.


Payment History

Your payment history is shown at the bottom of the Payments screen:

You’ll notice there are two types of entries, Subscribe and Payment.  Subscribe shows when a subscription was made, and then each payment entry will show when payments were made.