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Once you’ve selected your options, the period and what to display (by Brand, SKU, etc.), you’ll get statistical info displayed by columns and rows.

Each row can be clicked for more information concerning that item.  Roll over the desired row and it highlights and can be clicked:

When you click the row a new tab will open with the transactions for that item and the selected period.

You’ll notice this opens a new tab with the Transactions page selected.  More on Transactions will be covered in that section later in the Knowledge Base.  The point to note here is that, by clicking the row on the Stats page, you can view the transaction details for all transactions meeting that sort criteria.

Click the Gear Wheel at the top right for more options:

Show Off-Amazon will show info on sales made through other sources that are fulfilled through and reported by Amazon, such as Shopify, eBay or other, similar outside sales sources.

PPC, Sales Tax, Profit % and Additional Expense will show those columns.

ACOTS is the Ads Cost of Total Sales, your advertising spend divided by your total sales (sales from ads and organic sales)