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Dashboard And Campaign Metrics

On the SellerBlast Dashboard you have two graphs; an Hourly report and a Daily report:

Additionally, under Campaigns you’ll find a grid of information on each campaign.

The columns are as follows:

Campaign Name: the name given that particular campaign.  As you create more and more campaigns, you'll find it helpful to have some sort of recognizable naming convention.  Therefore it's not a bad idea from the start to begin naming campaigns so they make sense later.

Type: whether Amazon or Appends contacts, and if Coupon or not.

Start and Complete Date: if something is scheduled it will show that future Start date.  When Active it will show as Active under the Execute Status column (see below), and then show a Completed date once completed.

List: as with the Campaign name, choosing recognizable List names will also help in organizing as your campaigns grow.

Template: the Template used for that campaign.

Sent: how many were sent or have been sent at the current time.  This will display as a fraction of the total expected send count if the campaign is in progress.

Unique Opens: how many were opened, expressed in the form of a total and a percentage of the overall send.  Clicking the Log link will take you to the list of people that opened the email and when.  If you copy the Amazon Email you can use that in your Customers section of ManageByStats to find that customer.

Unique Clicks: shows how many links were clicked in the messages.  Clicking the Log file will give you a list of emails and the specific links that were clicked.

Status: there are a multitude of states.  You can pause an Active campaign, or Cancel it, etc.  The Execute Status shows what state the campaign is currently in.