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Blast -Intro

Called SellerBlast, this is ManageByStats’ email campaign service.


By default, when you first activate SellerBlast, you’re setting up to send to the Amazon cloaked emails.  To do this you just need to also have SellerMail active.  See the Activating SellerMail section for more info.

If you’re not using SellerMail, sign up for the Free version (of SellerMail), and that will be enough to enable SellerBlast.

You may already have done this step and activated SellerMail.

If so you're ready to begin using SellerBlast.


SellerBlast was created to provide a solution for sending email campaigns to your customer Amazon email addresses.

This is perhaps SellerBlast’s biggest strength, as there is no other real solution for sending email campaigns to groups of Amazon email addresses.  In this sense SellerBlast is unique and could be hugely helpful.

That said, for Amazon emails SellerBlast sends through Amazon, and so must adhere to their volume guidelines.  This means, the same as with SellerMail:

600 emails/day + (5 x daily orders)

For example, say you do 100 orders a day.  Amazon will allow 600 + (5 x 100) emails to be sent through their system, or 1,100 emails each day.

Note that any volume you send using SellerBlast goes toward that total, so keep this in mind if you are also using SellerMail.  A large SellerBlast campaign through Amazon could take longer if you’re also using SellerMail.

SellerBlast will automatically throttle so you don’t exceed those thresholds.

This means you can compose and send email campaigns to your Amazon customer emails, which means you can reach all your customers via Amazon with an email campaign.

SellerBlast is integrated with MBS.  This means you can build and launch email campaigns to your customers filtered by the info contained in MBS, such as date range, products purchased, repeat buyer status, and whether or not they refunded.

NOTE: due to these volume restrictions through Amazon, a large campaign can take much longer than a similarly sized campaign sending to real emails through a standard email provider like MailChimp or others.  Be prepared for larger campaigns to take longer, as the system will throttle them to stay within those threshholds.