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SellerMail Tips

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about using SellerMail, here are some basic tips based on our own observations and feedback from some of our most successful users.

Split Testing.  You can do split testing, sending the same email to different OrderID ending numbers (like odd/even, etc) changing only the subject line.  Those subject lines you currently use might not be the best and to even contemplate getting a review, you have to get them to open the message.

You can look at the bottom of each message in SellerMail > Messages and see what the open rate of that particular message and tune from there if one or another is exceptionally low.  Tips on split testing are available in the User Guide which can be viewed and/or downloaded from Help.

Sales volume.  Based on all we’ve observed you can expect between 1% and 5% reviews, meaning at best you could get up to 5 reviews for every 100 transactions, so one of the biggest keys to reviews is sales volume.  Getting reviews is definitely a numbers game and while that might sound like a chicken-and-egg problem, the creation of brand and product awareness through whatever means available will definitely increase your odds.

Current advice from us is to limit the number of emails you send to 2 or 3.

Use clean, clear and brief messages.  Make a message too long and it won’t get read.  Make it with no substance and it will be useless.  Communicate something that invites participation.

Make sure your links all are hyperlinking your message.  (e.g. if you use ${product-review-link} which will result in a long, horrible and ugly URL. Better to use something like ${product-review-link:We’d LOVE to hear what you think of the product!} which will result in those words being hyperlinked and look like: We’d LOVE to hear what you think of the product!)

Use ${logo} in your message (if you’ve got a good logo) and make sure to see what it all looks like and fits. You’re getting a great open rate, now, are they actually making it past the first sentence?

You can probably find as many opinions on this as there are people to express them.  Successful emails are both science and art, but you have to locate what resonates and invites participation from the public to which you sell.

On a parting note, once you find a resonance, play upon it using SellerBlast.