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Synchronizing FB


This new tool enables you to sync up your Facebook account, or accounts, to ManageByStats so you can automatically create Facebook Custom Audiences and upload the data daily, so that your Custom Audiences are continually growing and continually targeting your new customers.

First, you’ll need to sync your Facebook profile.

Click the Plus button:

then give the profile a name (like the Brand or Company name). The “Type” will be “Facebook” (additional options such as Google, Email List Managers like MailChimp, Aweber, SendLane and more will be coming.

Make sure it’s Active and Click to link the account:

You’ll then see some instructions. Read those over and follow the steps. Make sure you accept Facebook’s Terms Of Service, then click “CONNECT FACEBOOK PROFILE”.

When you click to connect you’re asked to provide login info for Facebook:

After clicking Log In you’re presented with a Success screen.  Click Done.

You’ll then see the profile listed. You’ll see a PLUS button to create an Audience. Click the PLUS button and create a name for the Audience.

Select the SKU or SKUs you’d like to connect up to this Audience.

Under “Contacts Type” you can choose three options:

Choose the option you’d like for the Audience you’re creating.

Note that Real Emails are available through our Email Appends service.  If you’ve not done an appends to get real emails for your customers, please contact support.

After you’ve selected your “Contacts Type”, you will then select “Create Audience By”. This is important, so please take note:

We give you the ability to create one or several audiences at the same time. Here’s how this breaks down:

One audience for all the selected SKUs – this takes all the SKUs you entered and puts them into one Audience on Facebook.

One audience for each Brand in the selected SKUs – this takes all the SKUs you entered and creates multiple Audiences on Facebook at the same time, depending on how many Brands you took Audiences from. So let’s say you selected your best selling SKUs from each of the two Brands, and then choose this option, the system would create two Audiences, breaking apart the SKUs appropriately.

One audience for each ASIN in the selected SKUs – this takes all the SKUs you entered and creates Audiences for each ASIN.

One audience for each SKU – this takes all the SKUs you entered and creates Audiences for each SKU.

The next section is Audience Name Prefix. This section adds a prefix to the Facebook Audience created. Before the prefix you’ll see “MBS”. So let’s say you put “Buyers”. You’d then see, in your Facebook Audiences, a new audience called “MBS Buyers”.

Once you’ve added the prefix you want, click ADD.

And that’s it. You can now go to your Accounts page and you’ll see the system start to update the figure of how many Contacts it’s uploaded to the Facebook Audience.


On the Facebook side of things, when the account is synchronized, you'll notice the Size shows "Not available".

This is by design (on Facebook's side), and has to do with a privacy decision on their part.  You'll therefore not see the audience size reported by Facebook, but your customers are there.