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Totals for all selections appear at the bottom of the Finances page:

Here’s the breakdown of the Totals section:

FBM Shipping Fees: these are the Shipping Fees deducted for Fulfilled By Merchant orders.  You can click the orange dollar amount to see a new tab with the relevant transactions for those fees.

Amazon Service Fees: Amazon Service Fees are consolidated here so you can see the total for the specified period.  A detail breakdown of this is available, showing the various kinds of fees included as Amazon Service Fees.  Click the Expand button for a detailed breakdown.

Amazon Sponsored Ads Payments: if you have elected to pay for Amazon Sponsored Ads through your Seller Central Account and not by some other payment method, the sum of the actual payments is shown here.  This figure represents actual payments for ads, which may be different from the ads costs you have incurred.  This is due to the frequency and the method by which Amazon makes this charge (usually in chunks).

Total: Total Amazon Payout is the actual Amazon payout for the selected time period.  We take into account the deductions for FBM Shipping Fees, Amazon Service Fees and any Amazon Sponsored Ads payments.  We do not take into account any Amazon Lending loan repayments.

Total Gross Profit: The Total Gross Profit is an estimated number, calculated as follows:

Amazon Payout column subtotal

(minus) Cost

(minus) Inbound freight cost

(minus) Ads Cost (unless PPC is hidden, in which case it is ignored)

(minus) Sales Tax (Non-MFT) (unless Sales Tax is hidden, in which case it is ignored)

(minus) FBM Shipping Fees

(minus) Amazon Service Fees

(minus) Amazon Sponsored Ads Payments (unless PPC is shown, in which case it is ignored)


(equals) Total Gross Profit

[ The reason we don’t count both Ads Cost and Amazon Sponsored Ads Payments is that these represent the same expense.  Ads Cost is incurred costs, and Amazon Sponsored Ads Payments is the paid costs. ]

You can choose to save the Stats page (with its current selections) as a CSV file.  Click the “Save As CSV” button to get a CSV file version of the currently selected Stats page.