Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising Campaigns (also known as ASP, Amazon PPC or Amazon Pay-Per-Click) can be managed from inside your Amazon Seller Central account … but this can be a cumbersome process and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of data there.

Enter ManageByStats’ Advertising Manager

To make this much easier, and to automate many tasks that otherwise just take up valuable time, we created the Amazon Advertising Manager.  Save tons of time while managing your campaigns effectively, with full control and easy views from big-picture down to detailed specifics and clear recommendations that you can accept or modify, then implement with a single click.

Make Informed Decisions

Lower your ACoS, manage campaigns across multiple markets, set targets, optimize and automate keyword bids and more.  See your bid history, easily compare ad spend over specific time periods, set and monitor target ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

See which ads, keywords and search terms are driving your sales.  Manage campaigns across multiple marketplaces and Seller Central accounts.

All from one, easy interface.

No More Need For Seller Central

With more tools than are available in Seller Central, with more features and ways to oversee and manage your Amazon Ads, ManageByStats’ Advertising Manager gives you everything you need and more to win the PPC battle.

Hit Your Targets

With our target-setting features you’re in control of your Ads performance.  Bulk actions, custom view selections, historical insight and comparisons, transparent visualization at all levels, from campaigns to ad groups, ads down to individual keywords …

Management of Amazon Ads has never been so easy.

The Amazon Advertising Manager is in your ManageByStats now.  Get it today.