Email & Phone Append Services

Email & Phone Append Services (for the US market only and is not available for any other countries) is a data processing service we provide which helps expand email marketing campaigns for businesses by adding real email addresses to customer records that are missing this information. Many times employees simply forget to ask for an email address, or it’s overlooked in the sales process, or the sales channel simply doesn’t provide this information. We are now also able to get phone numbers for a certain percentage of customer records.

The Email & Phone Append Services process is not very complex to understand but still involves technical knowledge and quite a bit of data processing to execute. By using the customer’s first name, last name and postal address, we match this data against data that exist in many separate national databases, and most of the time we can acquire email addresses for 40 – 45% of the records we process. For phones we are able to get phone numbers for about 30 – 35% of the records processed.

Note that we can do either or both. You can order either an Email Append, a Phone Append, or both.

When doing email marketing to your customers, we strongly suggest you study and follow the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act and among other things provide an easy method for recipients to opt-out. But, complying with the CAN-SPAM Act is not something that is hard to do.

If you’re here reading this you realize the value of having real email addresses, and in the case of phone numbers, having numbers with which you can contact your customers.  We’ve got some videos below that go into a little more detail on what you can do with real email addresses.  Mostly, though, it comes down to the obvious:

Using them to send emails.

With a real email address you can send an email.  This is done either directly or with an email campaign using an email service.  However, did you know there are also some amazing things you can do with real email addresses in Google and on Facebook?  Specifically creating custom groups in Google and using Facebook’s targeted marketing campaigns.

Google’s service is called “Customer Match”; Facebook’s services are called “Custom Audience” and “Lookalike Audiences”.  Each provide powerful marketing opportunities.

Take a look at Customer Match in Google:

With your Email Appends emails you can:

⦁          Upload a file to Google of the Email Appends email addresses.

⦁          Create or update a campaign to target your Customer Match audience.

⦁          Then, when those users are signed in to their Google account surfing the Web, they see your ads as they use Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.

Facebook is similar.  With Facebook you’ve got an easy way to create target audiences and thus targeted campaigns.  They call it a Custom Audience.  You can do this with customer info like the real emails.  Once you’ve uploaded those emails and created a custom audience, Facebook has another service called Lookalike Audiences, where they can create an audience using the demographics of these email account owners.  Thus you get an audience with the same habits and interests.  Here are links for those:

Having the real email addresses of your customers lets you send them emails, yes, but in this day and age it opens up many other opportunities as well.


The cost of our Email Append service, for non ManageByStats subscribers,  is normally $0.25 cents per matched email record, with a $400 minimum.

However, we have a special price only for ManageByStats subscribers – $0.16 cents per record, with a $200 minimum. (The minimum processing fee applies to single orders, and not to the Email Appends subscription plans below, and only comes in to play if your customer database is small and we can’t match enough records to get to $200.00).

The process sequence should be that we first do an initial email append to all your existing customer records, and cover every potential match first. And then, to handle your ongoing email appends needs, we have separate subscription plans for that purpose.

We have three special email and phone appends subscription plans for ManageByStats subscribers who need to have emails (or phone numbers) appended to their customer records on a regular basis every month. These plans include ongoing monthly processing of all new records for the previous month. The subscription plans put the process on autopilot and there is nothing you have to do. Your new customer records for the previous month will be processed automatically and any emails located (or phone numbers, if also doing phone appends) will be added to your existing database. These subscription plans also eliminate the processing minimums for subscribers, which solves that problem for smaller Amazon Sellers who might have an issue with minimums if they went the route of doing one-off email appends now and then.

The monthly email append subscription process runs during the first week of every month and takes care of newly added customer records you have added during the previous month. The process is automatic and there is nothing you have to do.

If you are interested in doing a full email append to your entire customer database, click here for a description of that service: Full Email Append

And when you are ready, please contact us at to place your order. You can also call us at 727-475-2995, extension 104, for more information.

These are the monthly subscription plans for Email Appends:

  1. $30.00/month with up to 200 matched records included, and any overage billed at $0.16 cents per record.
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  2. $70.00/month with up to 500 matched records included, and any overage billed at $0.14 cents per record.
  3. $120.00/month with up to 1000 matched records included, and any overage billed at $0.12 cents per record.

These are the monthly subscription plans for Phone Appends:

  1. $23.00/month with up to 200 matched records included, and any overage billed at $0.13 cents per record.
  1. $53.00/month with up to 500 matched records included, and any overage billed at $0.11 cents per record.
  1. $90.00/month with up to 1000 matched records included, and any overage billed at $0.09 cents per record.

To subscribe, please log in to your ManageByStats account and go to Customers | PayPal ButtonEmail/Phone Appends.

If you use, we can process the data for you right there inside the system, and add the email addresses for you in your customer records, as an added field called “Real email address”. You can then export this as a CSV file and use in MS Excel or similar database spreadsheets.

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Video presentation announcing the launch of our Email Append service.

Email Appends - Overview and Tips