Full email append for entire customer database

 A full email append is different than your monthly subscription for email appends.  When we do a full email append we process your entire customer database, and your monthly email append subscription handles new customers daily, as you acquire them.

They both work together and complement each other, and what we suggest to most clients is to first do a full append of all customer records, and then let the monthly subscription take care of processing all new customers from there on forward.

When you order a full email append for your entire customer database, we look at the total number of customers you have in the system, and we estimate that we will successfully match email addresses to 40% of those records.  We sometimes get as much as 45-50%, but for the purpose of the initial invoice we estimate it at 40%.

Your existing email appends subscription determines the cost per record that you are being charged during a full email append. In other words, if you have the $30.00 email append subscription, the cost per matched record is 16¢.  And if you have the $120 email append subscription, your cost per matched record is 12¢.

We will then bill you for 50% of the estimated total amount due at the end of the process, and we require prepayment of that amount before the process starts. You will be able to take care of this entire process right in your own ManageByStats account.

Depending on how many files we have to process for clients at the time and depending on the size of your database, the process normally takes no more than 72 hours to complete.

Once it’s completed, we bill you for the final balance. And once the final payment has been made, the new real email addresses are merged with your customer data in ManageByStats.  You can then export them as part of any customer record export you do in the Generate Report section in ManageByStats, and you can of course also access them in the respective customer records.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at appends@managebystats.com or call us at 727-475-2995, and press 2 for Support.