Yes, you heard right.  You can now get phone numbers for your Amazon customers.  Mark the date; as of this moment forward you now have the option in your ManageByStats to order either a phone append, an email append, or both.

The award-winning ManageByStats program has many tools.  If you’re a current user you know this.  One of our great tools has been the popular Email Appends service.  Appends are where we find and “append”, or add, a bit of data to the customer records in your ManageByStats.  Until now this has been real email addresses and only real email addresses.  Thus it’s always been called “Email Appends”.  Now it’s called … wait for it …

“Email/Phone Appends”.

Creative, right?  Our marketing team spent days on that one.

And you don’t have to do both.  You have options.  You can order an Email Append, a Phone Append, or an Email & Phone Append combined.  This can all be done directly in your ManageByStats, under Customers | Email/Phone Appends.  Make your selection and the system will calculate the cost and give you instructions from there.  It’s quite easy.

So there you have it.  Our blog for the week.  You can now fill in those missing phone numbers for your customer records.  Our success rate is about 30% on the phone side, and we’ve seen results as high as 55% on the email side.  Not too shabby when you might otherwise have no emails or phone numbers at all.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned here for more great stuff.

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