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AMZ KeywordRank Help

AMZKeywordRank is software that runs on your computer to collect keyword rank data on Amazon listings for any ASIN (yours, your competitors’ or any ASIN at all). The results are displayed both within the KeywordRank software locally on your computer, and online in the Keywords tab within ManageByStats.  The software runs locally, but it updates your MBS with the results.

This lets you track all your own ASINs and 500 extra ASINs, and up to 300 keywords for each ASIN.

AMZ KeywordRank is in your Keywords menu and ready to go.

You can sign up by clicking the Keywords menu item and choosing one of the subscribe buttons:

Once you’ve subscribed you’re shown a download screen.  Choose your OS (Windows or Mac) and download the file and run it.


The installation is automatic; answer any prompts that come up to allow the file to run.

After you’ve run the install you’ll be prompted to give your MBS credentials:


Fill in your ManageByStats Email (the main, admin email you use to log into your MBS account), along with your password, and click Save.

What this does is connect the application to your ManageByStats, so the info gathered by the tool will appear in your MBS under the Keyword page.  The application runs locally on your computer.  It then populates MBS with the info it discovers.

More on that below.

Note: you can access the above screen from the program at any time by clicking the Settings icon (gear wheel) in the bottom right.

The layout of the program is relatively simple.  The first thing you’ll want to do is create a list of keywords for your first product.

Create A Project

Launch the KeywordRank app and click “New”.  You get the Project Creator screen:


Give your project a name.  If you’ll have many products and therefore projects, use a logical naming convention so you can find projects easily in the future.

Enter the Product ASIN.  Select the Marketplace. is the default.

Enter your keywords.  Each line is a keyword, and each “keyword” can be multiple words.


can opener
manual can opener
safety can openers

etc.  Each line is a keyword.  You can have up to 300 keywords per product.

Click Save.

The project is now saved as a text file with the Project Name.

The keyword list will appear in the left pane, ready to Go.


Load An Existing Project

Click the Load button.  You don’t need to close the open project.

Browse for the existing project you want to load:


Running A Project

To run the project, either after you create a New one or after you Load an existing one, click Go.

When the project is running you’ll see the right pane flash with product screens from Amazon.  This is the system working down the keyword list and discovering your ranking.


When done it will show your product ranking for each keyword in the left pane.

These keywords are then inserted into your ManageByStats.

Other Buttons

There are a few other buttons in the AMZKeywordRank tool.

STOP: you can stop a job in progress with the Stop button.  It will stop the process where it’s at.

Add and Sort Buttons


These allow you to move highlighted items up or down in the list (the green Up and Down arrows), add a new keyword (the green + sign), or remove a highlighted keyword (red delete button).

Schedule and Settings

These two buttons are in the bottom right.


The Settings button brings up the settings screen, where you can set colors for the page rankings, and a few other variables as desired.  This is also where you’ll see the MBS email login you used.

You can find and review the results in ManageByStats.

Information from the results is under the Keywords menu item.

Keywords will be grouped under the Project Name on the left side.  If you click a keyword you’ll get graphical info for it, which can be viewed for any period for which data has been gathered.

Additionally, at the bottom of the screen there is info in columns and rows, sorted by date, which gives things like the BSR, Reviews, and your rank position for that keyword, with an arrow to show movement since the last run (up or down).


You can schedule a project or projects to run at a specified time daily.  In order for a scheduled project to run, the AMZKeywordRank app must be running on the computer.

Note: if you do not want the program to remain running in the background, you can use the OS task scheduler to schedule the launch of the program prior to the event.  This is covered below.

To schedule a project to run, click the schedule button (red clock) and you’ll get the Schedule screen:


Select a project or projects by clicking the  green + sign.  A browse window till display.  Browse to and select the project file you want to run.

Set the time to run daily and click Save.

Using The Task Scheduler

If you want to launch the AMZKeywordRank app before the scheduled run, and not leave the app running at other times, you can set up a task in the task scheduler for your OS.  The following is for Windows computers.  You can also schedule a task on a Mac.

Note: this is only if you don’t want to leave the app running.  The following will launch the app at a scheduled time.  If you leave AMZKeywordRank running (it takes no real system resources to sit idle), then you don’t need to do the following.

In Windows, for example, the command line would be:

AMZKeywordRank.exe -go “C:/MBS/Documentation/KeywordRanker/Projects/Z Opener.txt”

Where your project files folder is:


And the Project File is:

Z Opener.txt

First you have the app executable, then space, then -go and then you list the project file.

If you have multiple project files, separate additional project files with the | (pipe) symbol, as so:

AMZKeywordRank.exe -go “<path>\Project1.txt|<path>\Project2.txt|<path>\Project3.txt

Thanks for setting up and using AMZ KeywordRank!

With this tool you can monitor the keyword rank for all the relevant keywords for each of your Amazon products – or any ASIN.   This data is extremely useful for planning your Amazon Sponsored Products ads, for optimizing your listings and for prioritizing the keywords you want to focus on improving.