Daily Email Appends – Now You Can Get Real Customer Emails Each Day

If you’re a regular subscriber to the ManageByStats Email Appends service then you’re used to getting real emails for your customers at the beginning of each month.  With the subscription service, on the 1st of each month the system would look back at all your new customers for the prior month and process them for real emails.  This has been a dependable way to get real emails for your Amazon customers, but we’ve wanted to make it better.

Our idea has been to make these emails available every day, as new customers make purchases.  That’s been our dream, actually.  Doing this has, until now, not been possible.  We’re happy to say the impossible has now become possible.  We will now be processing customer email addresses each day.  Rather than run at the first of each month, the email appends process will run each day and insert any real emails found for customers that purchased in the last day.  In this way customer records will be updated continuously, day to day, and you will therefore have immediate access to email contact info for a large percentage of your new customers.

We wouldn’t go so far as to call this revolutionary, but it’s a pretty big deal.  We hope you’ll find some additional value in the new feature.  No need to do anything if you’re already a subscriber.  All else will remain the same, only now you’ll be getting new customer emails every day.

If you’ve read this far and actually aren’t sure what an email append is, we applaud you for your curiosity, and invite you to see more right here on the ManageByStats site:


And stay tuned!  We’ve got another major tool announcement coming soon.

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