Seller Tools

We call it Seller Tools, because every aspect of this program is designed to help Amazon sellers.  This is ManageByStats, the core suite – the product around which our other, specialized services are built.  By now these Seller Tools incorporate a multitude of features and tools to manage your Amazon business, and that list is constantly evolving.

Some of the things you can do with ManageByStats:

  • See statistical graphs by Day, Week, Month and Year for Sales, Refunds, Cost of Goods and Amazon Payouts.
  • Show these by Overall Totals, Seller Account, Brand, Product Line, Product Name, ASIN or SKU.
  • See exact numbers for every Amazon payout period – current and past. See your numbers for each payout period by Seller Account, Brand, Product Line and Product.
  • Access a fully searchable customer list with phone numbers, emails and addresses, which can be filtered by Brand, Product Line, ASIN or SKU, and which can be exported as a CSV file with phone numbers and email addresses, analyze sales by geographical region and more.
  • Get a fully searchable list of orders, and the ability to easily move between orders and customer data, see all the orders from a particular buyer, sort based on number of purchases and find your best repeat buyers with ease.
  • See your Ad costs and full marketing performance data and graphs, including click-thru rates (CTR), ad impressions and average cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Form your own Product Lines within each Brand to more effectively organize and monitor your individual products.
  • Invite additional users to your ManageByStats account to help use it to manage your Amazon business.
  • Add additional Seller Central accounts, to manage multiple SC accounts from one ManageByStats log-in.
  • You get payment history, and direct menu access to other features you may also be using.
  • You also get advanced inventory management and re-order notifications, tracking of BuyBox% and Conversion rate for each product, and more.

In short ManageByStats brings all your dispersed Amazon info together in one place, from customer info to sales to inventory, all of it at your fingertips with easy, fast access, giving you full transparency into all your Amazon seller data.

ManageByStats currently works for the following Amazon Marketplaces: US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, India, Spain and France.   We will of course add all Amazon Marketplaces over time.  To be notified when this happens, just go here.