ManageByStats is cloud based, so you can access your account from anywhere. No contracts, simple flat-rate pricing at $49.97 per month (or $130 quarterly, or $500 yearly), no matter your sales volume or number of SKUs. Free 14 day trial with no credit card required.

Sign up today to start seeing all your Amazon Seller information well organized, with full search functions and great tools.


It’s easy, but there are a few steps. You’ll connect your Amazon Seller Central account to your ManageByStats account. There are basically two parts:

  1. Grant access for ManageByStats
  2. Add a user to your Seller Central with basic access

Here’s what to expect:

   Grant Access

  • Fill out the User Info form on this page and click Sign Up.  This creates your ManageByStats account.
  • Log in to your new ManageByStats account and select the country flag for the Seller Central account you’ll be connecting.
  • Follow the steps to grant access for ManageByStats.

   Add A User

  • After granting access, follow the next steps shown to invite a user.
  • Once accepted, follow the final steps to add limited permissions for the new user.

After that you’re done. Within 24 hours the system will connect and update your ManageByStats and you’ll be ready to go.

Instructions will be given at each step.

Here’s a video showing these sign-up steps:

NOTE:  Once you click the orange button “Set User Permissions” in your seller central account you may be taken to a screen that shows a message that says “Forbidden: Sorry, you do not have sufficient rights to view this page.”

If you get this message just do this:

  1. Log out of your seller central account and log back in.
  2. Go back to Settings –> User Permissions
  3. Go to Current Users and click the blue “Edit” link to the right of the MBS email address you just invited.
  4. Now follow the rest of the directions to set the user permissions.